2019 top products at 5Gstore.com

The scoring of 5Gstore’s top products comes from a combination of their popularity as well as the number of customer reviews they received and the average rating customers gave the product. Many of this year’s winners, like the IP Switch (both the single outlet and dual outlet versions) and Pepwave Max BR1 Mini are perennial favorites and have appeared on our “best of” lists for years. Others, like the Sierra Wireless RV50X and Pepwave Max Transit Mini are new to the list for 2019. Congratulations to all of the manufacturers of our 2019 top products!

If you ordered any of these products (or any others!) from 5Gstore, don’t forget that you can log in at 5Gstore.com and write a review of your own. We post all reviews – good and bad – and always appreciate the feedback!

1Pepwave Max BR1 Mini with LTE

Affordable router with embedded LTE (cat 4 or cat 6 LTE Advanced) for home, travel, and small business
“I purchased this modem to use it as a back up ISP. For my Voice over IP phone system. My main router has a fail over WAN port which I plugged the peplink modem into and set the modem up in pass through which was extremely easy to do. After completing the setup I disconnected my main ISP and with in 3 minutes my voip phones seamlessly work with no delays or issues. I would consider buying a second modem for my home!!!”

“I needed a quick way to connect a remote user to our office with an IPSEC vpn tunnel to the SonicWall at our HQ over a cellular data connection. Worked perfectly.”
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2Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

Allows you to remotely monitor and reboot up to two pieces of equipment via smartphone app, cloud, or Google Hangouts
“I am pleased with this purchase. Fast shipping and the order was as described. Lots of good information and setup tips were supplied. The device works very well and I really like that I can remotely power cycle my IP supplied modem/router, set a power cycle schedule and use health check pings to determine if the router/modem has locked up and auto power cycle.”

“Awesome product. Saves making a special trip to a remote location to reset the router/modem if connection is lost. Great for vacation home or cabin, especially if you have WiFi security cameras!”
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3Single Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

Allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment via smartphone app
“It allows me to reset equipment remotely saving me hours of drive time everytime the device locks up. I suspect it will pay for itself the first time I use it.”

“To be certain, this will enable our engineer to solve some hiccups at our tower without driving 4 hours one way. A real game changer and time saver.”

“Excellent solution for my unattended router in a remote location!”
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4Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router

Easy-to-use, feature-rich 3G/4G router for home and travel
“Plugged in ATT air card and it picked right up and worked. Easy install and a solid product.”

“The security on this SOHO WiFi router is comparable to professional grade equipment. It’s the 2nd one that I have purchased. I am quite satisfied with this router. I am using this one with an internet stick as the primary link and it is working flawlessly.”
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5Pepwave Max Transit Mini LTE Router

Affordable vehicle router with ignition sensing and advanced GPS
“I have always used a USB modem in an Cradlepoint MBR95 router for my (in the field) internet. I have a small office in the camper, we are seasonal campers & the Wifi here is unreliable & insecure. I purchased this model after speaking to a sales rep at 5g. It was simple to set up & works like a charm.”
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6SureCall 9.5” Full-Band Omni Antenna

Outdoor omnidirectional antenna for virtually all networks
“Works very well in combination with the Wilson amplifier. Easy install on an existing sensor pole. We were able to smooth out cellular connectivity and now have a strong stable signal through our provider where there was very weak and spotty service before.”

“Product works great. Took me from ~3mbps download to over ~10mbps. Definitely worth the money.”

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7Pepwave Max HD4 Quad-Modem Router

Powerful quad-modem router for failover, load balancing, or bonding
“Thanks so much for your help. Only 60 mins with the unit and all 4 cards are lit with 5 bars and it is working better than I could have hoped for. Getting between 15-35Mbps down on any of the cards. I wasted a year of my life screwing around with Mushroom. Getting between 15-35 down on any of the cards”
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8Pepwave Max HD2 Quad-Modem Router

Powerful dual-modem router for failover, load balancing, or bonding
“This is an awesome unit with great flexibility and extremely easy to configure. This isn’t a segment I normally deal with (mobile) and have found working with them very exciting. Love the feature set!”
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9Sierra Wireless RV50X Gateway

Industrial LTE gateway with low power consumption
“Top-notch ultra-low power consumption product — the perfect replacement for the trusty Sierra Raven XE I’ve been using in my remote solar-powered surveillance system for the last 7 years. Bought this new Sierra model to upgrade the system from 3G to 4G.”

“Compact and versatile cellular modem”
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10Cradlepoint IBR900 Mobile Router

Powerful dual-modem router for failover, load balancing, or bonding
“The pre-sales team at 5G are top notch and made purchasing the correct equipment easy.”
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