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CradlePoint NetCloud Solution for Mobile with COR IBR900 Router

5GStore has a great selection of Cradlepoint COR IBR900 Series options for your business. Ideal for rugged on-the-go needs, these shock- and vibration-resistant Cradlepoint routers are ideal choices when tough solutions are needed for vehicle fleets that require communication-critical connectivity. The Cradlepoint IBR900 prices you’ll find on this page include the Cradlepoint router (IBR900 Series) along with one to five years of NetCloud and support.
The Gigabit-class Cradlepoint IBR900 Series provides advanced IoT connectivity while delivering the reliability and the support needed to carry out critical tasks with confidence. You’ll receive Cradlepoint IBR900 support, business intelligence, 24/7 enterprise support, remote cloud management and a limited warranty. Choose between several options of these trusted Cradlepoint routers in varying and competitive price ranges, including Cat 18 1200M-B, LTE-A 600 M or the IBR900 Series with no modem. Enjoy other customization options along with zero-touch configuration in these routers that support the COR Extensibility platform for dual-modem setups, IP Passthrough and Router SDK.

The NetCloud Essentials packages include the IBR900 router, NetCloud Software (NetCloud Manager Prime, NetCloud OS, NetCloud Perimeter), Cradlepoint support, and a limited lifetime warranty all in one solution.