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Pepwave MAX HD4 Load Balancing/Bonding Router

The Pepwave Max HD4 router gives enterprise users fast mobile networking speeds without needing to lease costly fiber optic lines. This rugged networking router has four embedded cellular modems for use with all major 3G/4G/LTE carriers. It also has two wired WAN and one USB external modem port along with Wi-Fi as WAN capabilities, giving businesses up to eight ISP connections. Automatic failover means your network will never go down because one provider does, as the router will immediately switch traffic over to healthy service(s). The Max HD4 Quad with MediaFast also has caching technology that reduces costs and network loads by retrieving content during off-peak hours

Let your router intelligently combine all active services using either load balancing or Pepwave’s SpeedFusion Bonding for faster data transfer speeds. Load balancing allows network administrators to prioritize connections so your company never has to worry about hitting data caps or using a less optimal provider. Bonding, on the other hand, gives your network military-grade VPN security and 100 percent uptime with a working WAN connection. Either option can be monitored anywhere using the cloud-based InControl 2 management system. With the dual long-range Wi-Fi radio, you can also make the Wi-Fi as WAN your incoming connect using remote access points.

Pepwave load balancing/bonding router models are available for the North American and European markets along with Cat6 Max HD4 routers that can be used in either region. Each one is made with industrial components and a metal enclosure that is certified to stand up to extreme temperatures and rough conditions. Built-in surge protection adds additional reliability for use in vehicles, surveillance and other tough applications. The included rack mount and optional card protector bracket will keep all components stable and secure. When you order the Max HD4 networking router at 5Gstore, you will receive a year of free technical support from our team of mobile broadband and networking experts.