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Antenna Frequency: T-Mobile 4G LTE (1700mhz band 4)

If your 4G LTE compatible T-Mobile handset constantly swings back and forth between 3G and 4G, it might be because the signal from the latter isn't coming in as strong as the broadcast from the former. For phone calls, this probably won't be an issue; many people consider 4G's HD voice calls a plus and not a necessity. But if you rely on the modern data speeds of 4G, falling back to a 3G connection could be bad for business and could turn pleasure into pain.
5Gstore stocks an assortment of solutions for improving the strength of your T-Mobile 4G LTE service. Our 1700mhz antennas are guaranteed to work with T-Mobile's complementary band 4 frequency, helping you hold your 4G connection so you can make more HD calls and enjoy broadband download speeds on your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot. Our selection of 1700mhz antennas include indoor, outdoor and marine products along with all of the accessories you'll need to set them up.

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