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5Gstore is open and fully operational! Shipping/receiving is uninterrupted at our warehouse, and our sales and support staff are working at home. We are ready to help you any way we can. Same-day shipping available (cutoff 3pm CST)!

5Gstore Services

With nearly 20 years of experience in mobile broadband and Wi-Fi, 5Gstore offers a number of expert services. Read on for more about how we can help you get the most out of your network.

5Gstore SimplyFailover: Any “always on” business needs a plan in case of emergencies, and SimplyFailover is the easiest and most affordable way to provide back-up connectivity. This enterprise router includes a built-in cellular modem that automatically kicks in whenever your primary internet connection goes down, ensuring that your employee computers, credit card terminals, IP phones and more stay online so you don’t lose productivity.

5Gstore SimplyBonding: Enjoy a super-fast, reliable and unbreakable enterprise internet connection with SimplyBonding. This hosting service uses Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology to take multiple internet connections and combine them into one. Furthermore, if one of the bonded connections goes down, the others remain on without interruption, so connected devices and apps don’t even realize there’s a problem.

Peplink Warranties, Support, and Licenses: In addition to the standard one-year warranty for all Peplink/Pepwave equipment, you can also purchase additional extended warranties for up to three total years of protection. With some higher-end products such as Peplink Balance routers and Pepwave MAX routers, you can also purchase SmartCare, a support option that includes free firmware upgrades and advance hardware replacement. All warranties include access to InControl 2 cloud-based device management, but additional years can be added once your warranty has expired.Some devices offer additional features that do not come standard but can be unlocked via a license key (additional WAN ports, SpeedFusion functionality, etc). Those licenses can be purchased to upgrade  your router.

Cradlepoint Warranties, Support, and Licenses: CradlePoint offers a number of warranties, add-on and upgrades for your router. In addition to extended warranties, you can also order CradleCare Basic and Premier support packages. Enterprise users can take advantage of NetCloud Manager (formerly ECM) Standard or Prime, allowing management of multiple routers from a web-based portal, as well as other feature options like EEL and Secure Threat Management.

Sierra Wireless Warranties, Support, ALMS & More: Sierra's AirLink Management Service is a secure cloud- based device management application that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of wireless devices remotely. ALMS is included with Airlink Complete or can be purchased or renewed on its own, along with other warranties and support options.

Accelerated Warranties and Support: Accelerated users can add subscriptions to the Accelerated View cloud management platform, extend their warranty by an additional 1 or 2 years, or subscribe to ehanced support.