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It’s hard enough when two people try to talk who don’t speak the same language – but when a whole roomful is trying to do it, things can get confusing quickly. The same is true when you’re trying to run multiple access points (APs) for different wireless devices to connect to your wireless network. When this situation arises, WLAN controllers act as the interpreter that help you set up and manage these APs. Rather than individually setting up each AP, the WLAN controller will automatically find each AP and send a configuration to it, while also allowing you to view information about the AP.


5Gstore carries a number of WLAN/AP controllers to effectively manage your wired and wireless connections. Ruckus’ ZoneDirector line of WLAN controllers is a centrally-managed system designed for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and licenses can be purchased to manage up to 1,000 access points. Meanwhile, Peplink and Pepwave offer a number of routers with AP controller software built in, creating an effective 2-in-1 solution for businesses. No matter which solution is right for your business, you’ll receive fast shipping, fair pricing and a year of free expert technical support when you order from 5Gstore. Shop our WLAN controller stock today and make AP controller management as easy as plugging in.

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