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Antenna Frequency: US Cellular 4G LTE (700mhz Band 12)

It's the fifth largest wireless carrier in the US, with claims to massive swaths of tower territory. But like every other carrier, US Cellular isn't without its soft spots. Even in densely populated urban areas, you might still find your mobile device struggles to pick up 4G LTE service. The fault might lie with obstructions such as walls, floors, buildings and landmarks. But if you can pick up a 4G signal from US Cellular, then you can amplify it if you have the right equipment.
5Gstore's inventory includes a wide range of 700mhz antennas designed to work with the band 2 spectrum US Cellular uses to broadcast its 4G LTE service. You'll find roof mount, wall mount, magnetic mount, indoor, outdoor, directional, omnidirectional and modem replacement antennas in our inventory of products, which will also work with other frequencies. Order today and don't let a weak signal hurt your call clarity and data speeds any longer.

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