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Antenna Frequency: AT&T 4G LTE (1700mhz band 4)

When AT&T's 4G LTE service isn't as fast and steady as you know it can be, your call clarity and download speeds could be suffering from local interference. Common sources of local interference include floors, walls and neighboring buildings. If you can get a great signal outside but get low bars inside, you're almost certainly up against a local source of cellular interference and you could benefit from an antenna or amplifier.
AT&T uses band 17 for 4G LTE service in many locations. If you're well inside of the territory staked out on the company's coverage map, the 700mhz antennas and amplifiers in this section support band 17 (as well as others in most cases) to combat your source of local interference and amplify your weak signal.

5Gstore offers an assortment of wall mount, indoor, outdoor and marine antennas to help you strengthen your weak signal. Don't put up with unclear calls and dial-up speeds any longer. If you're in need of a band 17 antenna, you'll find that 5Gstore isn't short on options.

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