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Antenna Frequency: MetroPCS 3G (1700/2100mhz AWS)

For those living on the fringes of their carriers coverage, or traveling along it, both 3G coverage and 4G LTE service might be spotty, or even border on unavailable. But you aren't without solutions for a stronger signal.
5Gstore stocks a wide assortment of solutions for strengthening 3G and 4G signals broadcast from the T-Mobile and MetroPCS 1700/2100mhz AWS bands, among others. You'll find indoor, outdoor, wall mount, marine and roof antennas in our inventory. And if you're looking to breathe 3G and 4G coverage into dead spots in your home or office, we also stock repeaters that you can use to send strong signals into bad areas. In addition, our inventory also includes all of the accessories you need to set up your antenna or repeater.

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