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Antenna Frequency: LTE Band 4/66 (1700/2100MHz)

As the owner of one of the largest cellular networks in the US, Sprint's coverage spans from coast to coast and is robust enough that the company can license its towers to multiple mobile virtual network operators.
Sprint has so much wireless spectrum, the company sometimes sits out of FCC auctions for more of it because the carrier is busy trying to make use of the bounty it already has. Still, like every other carrier, there are numerous soft and dead spots in Sprint's coverages area. On top of that, you could even have trouble receiving a strong 4G LTE signal from Sprint in the heart of the company's territory due to local sources of interference such as walls, floors and buildings.

Whether you're looking to stabilize your 4G LTE reception or to capture a reliable 3G signal, 5Gstore has a variety of solution for both 4G and 3G antenna frequency amplification. Our 1900mhz antennas use band 25 to help your devices pick up stronger 3G and 4G signals - and can be also used for other frequencies - while our repeaters can expand strong coverage into dead areas.

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