Huawei Prepares for Shift to 5G

“The mechanics of the industry, whether it is transport or energy, are going to be connected to the internet. (…) We’re on the verge of the 5G era and information products can be transmitted 100 times faster than with 4G,” says David Harmon, vice -president, global public affairs, at Huawei. “5G should be up and running by 2020.”

With a shift to 5G, data rates will be significantly faster than with current 4G technologies. With this much data, proper R&D is required to properly manage and utilize this traffic and turn it into business going forward. Read more at

US Businesses and 5G

Is the US prepared for a 5G rollout, and what is the potential impact on businesses and this exciting new technology? Network  World investigates what a nationwide 5G rollout could look like, what is on the plate, and adaptation of the technology. Read the full article here.

ZTE Testing 5G with top providers in India

The Economic Times is reporting that ZTE, a major telecom gear maker, is working to develop and test 5G networking in India. President of Global Marketing and Solutions stated , “India is a very important market for us. Telecom industry is all about scale, and India offers scale. Indian telecom market will grow very fast…We are increasing our investments in India to support growth.”

India plans to have 5G available to consumers by 2020, and this is the first steps to a rollout. The government is also planning their first 5G spectrum auction which will allow carriers to utilize this new 5G space when it becomes available.