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Enterprise routers are a must-have for any large modern wireless network. These high-powered routers are specially designed to have hundreds of devices connected at once while covering large areas, making them ideal for office buildings, apartment complexes, event centers and more. Our Enterprise section contains one internet connection, load balancing, bonding and failover routers with the power you need to run your network, with features such as integrated broadband and modems.

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One Internet Connection

Load Balancing



Pepwave MAX, Cradlepoint AER, and Sierra Airlink Gateway devices use embedded modems to provide an all in one solution. Load balancing and bonding routers allow you to combine multiple broadband connections into one signal for increased throughput or balance traffic on either a network socket, per packet or data link basis. If you’re worried about downtime due to ISP outages, a failover router can be used as either a primary or secondary router to provide an automatic backup 3G/4G data connection when your main connection goes down. Our routers include WAN and USB connection options and can even be used for various data carriers. Shop our Enterprise router section or contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization get the most of your wireless network.

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