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Amplifier Solution: Portable

Cellular vendor commercials like to show the size of their network. But even as coverage has grown, there are still lots of areas with inadequate coverage. On this page, you'll find portable amplifiers and repeaters that can boost cellular service wherever you take them. This is a great tool for people who travel to areas with poor coverage or have work that takes them to places with less than adequate service.
These amplifiers are not plugged directly into a phone; instead they work wirelessly to improve call quality and data speeds. These products are complete kits with everything needed to get your system installed, including cables and antennas. There are a number of options available for voice, 3G and 4G depending on the needs at your location.

If you have questions about what type is right for you, contact us today. We have wireless experts that can answer any question. We also offer one year of free technical support on every purchase, so we can help you set up your system after purchase.

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