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Amplifier Solution: Small Building

Depending on the location, any building may need cellular amplifiers or repeaters to provide adequate service throughout the building. Even in smaller buildings, cellular signals can quickly deteriorate in certain locations, and the occupants want a solution that improves cellular signal quality and performance.
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These amplifiers are not plugged directly into a phone; instead they work wirelessly to improve call quality and data speeds. Most repeater systems are complete kits with everything needed to get your system installed, including cables and antennas. There are a number of options available for voice, 3G and 4G depending on the needs at your location.

If you have questions about what is right for your building, contact us today. We have wireless experts that can answer any question. We also offer a free year of technical support on every purchase, so we can help you set up your system after purchase. We pride ourselves on superb customer service. With a large inventory of products, we can send your purchase to you quicker than our competitors.

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