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Wilson Electronics

It’s faint, but there’s a pulse. Your mobile device signal reception may be weak, but you know there’s life there and you could actually make clear calls if you could just sustain it. You could use a Wilson cellular antenna or amplifier to strengthen the pulse of your mobile device for a better 3G/4G/LTE signal. Wilson Electronics has been a leader in the cell phone signal booster market since 1999, and holds numerous patents for technology that improves the user experience in low-coverage areas.

A Wilson antenna or amplifier can enhance your cellular signal enough to make clearer calls and use data that isn’t as slow as the days of dial up. 5GStore has a large selection of Wilson cellular antennas for affordable low signal gains when you don’t have a direct line to a cell phone tower. We carry Wilson omnidirectional antennas, which don’t need to be aimed, as well as Wilson directional antennas, which require aiming in the direction of the cell tower. Styles of antennas include panel antennas, wide band antennas and through-roof antennas for vehicles. Antennas can be used directly with a device if it has an antenna port or as part of a repeater system for wireless signal boosting.

If you are in a very low-coverage area, a Wilson cellular amplifier can provide a high-gain boost to a single device. Wilson offers M2M amplifiers such as the Signal 4G for connecting directly to a modem or embedded device along with professional-grade amplifiers for locations where a professional amplification system is needed. If you have solid coverage in some areas of your location and dead spots in others, check out Wilson repeaters for solutions for sewing together those rough areas of your home or office. Repeaters have the added advantage of being able to boost multiple devices at once.

In addition, a variety of cables, connectors and adapters for connecting antennas and amplifiers are available to get your system up and running. Our knowledgeable customer service team can help you select the right Wilson Electronics products for your unique needs.

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