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When you’re setting up a large wireless network business or organization, you want your networking equipment to have the right combination of quality, reliability, and ease-of-use. Having the latest advanced features doesn’t do much good if the device is always breaking or is a nightmare to figure out. At the same time, you don’t want your network to hold you back and find your business behind the times in the name of keeping things easy.

With Peplink and Pepwave network routers, you get the best the industry has to offer, with cutting-edge routers that are simple to use. 5Gstore is a certified Peplink distributor, which means they have the latest Peplink and Pepwave load balancing routers and bonding 4G routers in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Load balancing broadband routers such as the Peplink Balance 20 are designed for businesses that need “always on” connectivity by simultaneously utilizing multiple internet WAN, 3G and 4G internet sources, so you’ll remain connected even if one or more of the connections fail. Load balancing routers are available with features such as VPN, WiFi as Wan, link control and built-in DNS servers. Bonding 4G routers such as the Pepwave MAX series offer unmatched speed and dependability for first response vehicles, video surveillance, mobile hotspots and other deployments, using patented SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding technology to aggregate signals into one place. You can even purchase routers that have both load balancing and bonding capabilities. Various Peplink & Pepwave accessories are also available.

Not only is 5Gstore a certified Peplink/Pepwave distributor, but we use their routers throughout our company, so we know just how well they’ll work for your business. When you order one of their high-quality routers from us, you’ll get fast shipment, top-notch customer service and fair pricing, with leasing options available as well. We can even configure your router before shipping it to you with our configuration service. For more information, you can use our router advisor to help you find the right product, or watch our Peplink Admin Interface Demo for a look at how to manage your Peplink/Pepwave products.

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