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No matter where you are in the world, an Internet connection is all you need to tap into your CloudCam and check in live on your office and living spaces. These self-networking IP cameras require minimal setup and zero configuration, with no strings or wires attached. You can install one or several of them to their Camcloud software and get a live video feed from your computer or mobile device.

All that’s needed to bring your IP camera online is local WiFi. CloudCam IP cameras don’t require any additional configuration and will work with any internet service, including 4G LTE. Other types of IP cameras have issues with firewalls, won’t work with cellular connections, or require a static IP address. But the CloudCam is self-networking and eliminates all of these problems for a smooth, fast video feed.

These cameras come in either pan-and-tilt or fixed models, support network attached storage and come with MicroSD slots so you can record and store video right inside of them. And their support for removable storage makes it simple to review video on another device.

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