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Vehicle roof mount antennas are a versatile way to stay connected when you’re on the go. These multi-purpose devices have multiple antennas in one unit for cellular, WiFi and GPS connections, effectively turning your car or truck into a data hotspot. Whether you’re looking to get good phone reception in a rural area or need to track a vehicle fleet, these all-in-one antennas make boosting cellular, GPS, and WiFi connectivity easy, low maintenance, and affordable.

MobileMark delivers a range of thru-roof, multi-band diversity antennas that provide a stable link between your vehicle’s 4G wireless gateways and geo positioning satellites. They’re compatible with both MIMO and non-MIMO modems, making them easier to shuffle between vehicles as needed. In addition to our in-stock items, we can also special-order other configurations.

A variety of mounting options, cable lengths, connectors and combinations of radios are available depending on your needs. Along with paddle antennas meant to rest on roofs, MobileMark also designs replacements for the stock antennas on cellular routers and gateways. You can also use them to upgrade damaged antennas.

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