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What is Bitcoin and how can I use it?

Bitcoin is a digital currency made for the internet. Bitcoins are held in a virtual "wallet," which is simply an account set up on a secure third-party website, and the wallets are assigned unique and anonymous ID numbers that are used to send or receive Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is extremely secure for both the sender and the receiver and eliminates fraud risk, and it's a particularly good option for international customers.

To pay with Bitcoin on 5Gstore, you'll first need a Bitcoin wallet and of course, some Bitcoins! You can learn more about setting up a wallet at When you're ready to check out at, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "checkout" button beneath the 5Gstore shopping cart and follow the prompts to enter your information and pick a shipping method
  2. When you reach the "payment method" section, select "Bitcoins" as your payment method
  3. Read and agree to the return policy and hit "continue," then review your order on the subsequent page and hit "confirm."
  4. You'll be taken to the Bitcoin payment page, where you'll link up with your Bitcoin wallet:
    • If your wallet software is installed on your computer, click the "pay with Bitcoin" button
    • If you use a smartphone app to manage your wallet, scan the QR code
    • If your wallet is managed via the web, click the "view address" link to display the wallet address and send the payment
  5. Within seconds, the Bitcoin payment will be complete and you'll see a success message on the page. Click "continue to 5Gstore" for your order confirmation and invoice number, and you're all set!

Learn more about Bitcoins and how they work:

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