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Leasing Info and FAQs

5Gstore's leasing option allows businesses to order equipment with minimal costs up front, instead paying for the equipment on a monthly basis over the course of three years. Many businesses prefer this type of agreement for cash flow or tax purposes, and 5Gstore has partnered with a leasing company to accommodate the needs of our business customers. This page will address the basics of the leasing program - if you have further questions, please contact us.

How does the lease option work?

If you choose to lease your equipment, you will not pay 5Gstore for the order at checkout. Instead, after ordering you will be contacted by the leasing company to complete the approval process. Once approved, 5Gstore ships your order and you will commence monthly payments with the leasing company per your agreement with them.

Who is eligible to lease?

Only businesses may lease through 5Gstore - no individuals.

Are all items eligible to be leased?

Some orders may not be eligible, depending on the type of products and quantity. Generally speaking, orders over $2000 containing at least two routers are eligible. Please contact 5Gstore to discuss the equipment you would like to lease.

What should I expect after submitting a lease order? When will the order ship?

Immediately after submitting your order, the leasing company will begin the approval process. Preapproval is sometimes granted without additional information being required, but some companies may be required to supply additional information (e.g. tax returns and/or D&B number). Once the leasing company has approved you, they will send you an agreement that must be signed and returned to them via fax, email, or regular mail. Please make sure to check your email and voicemail for correspondence from the leasing company! You are responsible for completing all paperwork and contracts with the leasing partner. Contracts or requests for additional information are typically sent out within a few hours on business days. When the leasing company confirms they have received your signed documents, 5Gstore will be notified to ship the order.

While the leasing company is typically very quick with the approval process, same-day shipping is NOT possible with lease orders since the order cannot ship until you have completed the process with the leasing company and returned all necessary documents.

How long is the lease term?

36 months.

Will I need to pay anything to 5Gstore up front?

No. There will be no charge at checkout - all of the items you are ordering, including any service/warranty options and shipping costs, will be rolled into your monthly lease fee. The leasing company will bill you two months up front and commence monthly billing thereafter.

How will I be billed each month?

In most cases, you may have the payment set up to automatically debit your bank account or the leasing company will invoice you. You may discuss your options with the leasing company when finalizing your agreement with them.

What happens at the end of the lease? Do I have to send the equipment back?

At the end of the lease, you will have the option to pay a $1 buy out and the equipment is yours to keep!

What if I want to return my equipment, or if any of my equipment stops working during the lease period?

The lease is NOT cancellable and 5Gstore's usual 30-day return policy DOES NOT APPLY to lease orders. If you have any trouble with your equipment, 5gstore will provide the same technical support available to all 5Gstore customers and you will have access to our Support Portal, and standard manufacturer warranties will protect you from defects and malfunctions (warranty periods vary by manufacturer; extended warranties are available for most products - check your options before purchasing).