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SimplyBonding for One Talk Terms and Conditions

By ordering SimplyBonding for One Talk from 5Gstore, you agree to the below terms and conditions:

  • LEASE:
    • The monthly fee is billed by the finance company and the payment agreement is between the Customer and the finance company. After placing the order on, Customer will be contacted by 5Gstore and/or by the the finance company to finalize the agreement. 
    • The lease is not cancellable and will last for the selected term (24 or 36 months).
    • At the end of the 24- or 36-month term, billing via the finance company will cease and Customer will own the equipment. The bonding service will be halted unless arrangements are made with 5Gstore to continue subscribing to the bonding service alone. 5Gstore will contact Customer at the end of the term to discuss billing options and pricing for the bonding service.
    • Standard Installation is included with the lease and includes configuration of the router to the necessary settings, connection to Customer's modem and router, and verification of connectivity.
    • If the installation will require any work outside the scope of a "standard installation," (see above point) the customer is required to have a site survey done first before the order can be completed. Customer agrees to pay for the site survey ($299) in addition to any extra fees for the work completed should we proceed with the SimplyBonding Installation.
    • Installation Cancellations: If an installation appointment must be canceled, Customer must cancel at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. If 24-48 hours notice is given, Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $50 per installation site. If installation is canceled with less than 24 hours notice or if the Customer is not available/business closed at the scheduled installation time, Customer agrees to reimburse the amount of $100 per installation site.
    • Installation Rescheduling: 5Gstore will accommodate 1 reschedule request with no additional fees if the change is requested more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled installation. If a reschedule is requested less than 48 hours prior to the installation or if multiple reschedule requests are made, Customer will be responsible for a minimum $20 rescheduling fee that is due at the time of scheduling.
    • Customer will provide no-charge parking access for 5GStore installers at the installation site. In the event 5GStore has to pay for parking at the installation site, Customer agrees to pre-pay for any parking fees at the time of placing the order or to reimburse 5Gstore if 5Gstore must pay for parking on site.
    • Customer understands that any additional work out of scope or materials needed is at the sole responsibility of the customer to pay at the time the services are rendered. This includes but is not limited to additional materials needed and additional work required beyond agreed scope of work as previously defined above. Customer agrees to reimburse at the time of services being rendered, and if this occurs outside the normal operating hours of (9am-5pm CST), payment must be paid the following business day via any payment method accepted by (credit card, wire, bitcoin, apple pay, amazon pay etc).
    • The router provided for SimplyBonding includes an extended warranty that covers the hardware for the length of the selected term (24 or 36 months). The warranty coverage matches the standard manufacturer warranty and does NOT cover loss/theft or damage caused by neglect, accidents, modifications, etc.
    • 5Gstore does not provide Verizon data service and data service charges are not included in the SimplyBonding for One Talk lease. Customer must work with Verizon to sign up for data service, and 5Gstore has no involvement in Customer's agreement with Verizon (or other carrier used).
    • Any data plan recommendation made by 5Gstore is for guidance purposes only, based solely on the information provided during checkout. It is the customer's responsibility to research and confirm their data needs and monitor usage and charges.