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SimplyBonding for One Talk FAQs

The below frequently asked questions will answer most questions about SimplyBonding for One Talk. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

What are all the costs involved?

The equipment costs, bonding service, and installation are bundled together and paid for via monthly lease for 24 or 36 months. There is no up front charge at checkout. Once your order is placed, it will be processed with the finance company and you will be contacted to finalize the lease agreement, and then installation will be scheduled.

The monthly lease fee will vary depending on the term selected, number of One Talk phones being supported, and type of failover needed.

You will also need to work with your Verizon rep to sign up for an appropriate data plan. Any Verizon data charges are NOT billed by 5Gstore and need to be arranged separately.

Is data service included? How much data will be needed?

Data service is NOT included. You must work with your rep to sign up for an appropriate data plan. When your order ships, your rep will be alerted with the router and SIM information so they can reach out to you to arrange your data plan agreement.

If you are not working with a rep, you will need to contact the carrier to set up service.

The amount of data you'll need will depend on the number of One Talk phones in use as well as whether you plan to use the cellular service only for your phones or for all traffic on your network. A data plan recommendation may be made by 5Gstore based on the information you provide during checkout, but it is your responsibility to validate how much data you will need and to monitor your usage.

How does the on-site installation work?

When you place your order, you will be prompted to select three preferred dates/times for your installation. Once your finance agreement is complete and your order is ready to ship, 5Gstore will finalize your installation schedule and alert you.
Standard installation is included for all SimplyBonding for One Talk orders. Please refer to the terms & conditions for more details on installation requirements and additional fees that may be required if your installation is non-standard.

How and when are the monthly fees billed?

The monthly lease payments will be billed by the finance company and can be set up using your bank of choice. You will be prompted to set up payment once your agreement with the finance company is confirmed.

Is there a contract or can I cancel any time?

Your 24- or 36-month lease is not cancellable. Once your lease has commenced, the service and billing will continue for the duration of the lease.

Is there a free trial or 30-day return period?

No, SimplyBonding for One Talk cannot be returned.

If you have any trouble with your equipment or service, 5Gstore will be happy to assist and make sure things are working perfectly for you!

What happens at the end of the lease? Do I keep the router?

At the end of the 24- or 36-month term, billing via the finance company will cease and the equipment will belong to you. 5Gstore will contact you at the end of the term to discuss billing options and pricing if you would like to continue utilizing the bonding service.

Does the equipment have a warranty? What if it malfunctions or fails?

The SimplyBonding router is covered warranty for the duration of your selected term (24 or 36 months). If you have any issues with your equipment, we will work with you to troubleshoot and replace if necessary.

Can I buy SimplyBonding for an international location?

NO. SimplyBonding is available in the US only.

Where can I read the Terms & Conditions for SimplyBonding for One Talk?

Click here to read the SimplyBonding for One Talk terms & conditions