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Toll-Free Number Porting FAQs

The below frequently asked questions will answer most questions about porting toll-free numbers with 5Gstore. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

What is 5Gstore's toll-free number service?

5Gstore's TFNP service allows you to port in a toll-free number (800, 866, 833, etc) and forward it to any local US number (including a One Talk number). 5Gstore takes care of the porting, setup, and forwarding and bills you monthly.

Your sales rep will work with you to determine how the forwarding will be set up (e.g. which number it will forward to, any hunt group or auto receptionist settings that need to be determined, etc).

What are all the costs involved?

Setup: There is a one-time setup fee of $49.99 (for new customers) or $9.99 (for customers who purchased One Talk with 5Gstore or are doing so while porting a toll-free number) per order.

Monthly: 3 plans are available:

  • Low Usage: $10/mo, includes 250 minutes, additional minutes $0.06/ea
  • Medium Usage: $20/mo, includes 500 minutes, additional minutes $0.05/ea
  • High Usage: $30/mo, includes 1000 minutes, additional minutes $0.029/ea

Usage: Each plan includes an allowance of minutes. If additional minutes are used, the per-minute rate will be charged.

Other Fees: Taxes and regulatory fees, along with other associated account servicing fees, are billed to you monthly for charges accrued the previous month. These fees are calculated based on minutes used utilizing a base per-minute rate and will vary depending on your usage. Taxes and fees are subject to change when changes to the law are enacted.

How are the minutes calculated for billing purposes?

All inbound calls to your toll-free number are billed for the duration of the call (rounded up to the nearest minute).

Can I forward the toll-free number to any number I want? What if I already have a local number to forward it to?

Your toll-free number can be forwarded to any number in the US. Your number can be forwarded to an existing number (including if you are porting a local number for One Talk) or to a new number if you are setting up phone service as well.

How long will it take to port my number?

The timing of your port will be carefully considered based on your phone order (if applicable), installation plans, etc. The porting team will work closely with your sales rep to determine the best time to initiate the port.
Once the port is initiated, it can take 2-10 days for the service to transfer from your existing provider to 5Gstore. While the port is in progress, your number will continue to work via the old provider.

Why do I need to provide an authorization and a copy of my bill?

These documents are a requirement to release your phone number from your existing provider and give permission to 5Gstore and our telecom partner to take over the number. Your port cannot be initiated without them.

Will I still own my phone number?

YES! 5Gstore will take over as the service provider, but you are still the owner of the number and can port it out to another provider any time.

What if I need a NEW toll-free number?

You can acquire a new toll-free number from any provider (one option we recommend is - as soon as you have confirmation of your new number from the provider, you will be able to port it to 5Gstore (you do NOT need to wait until you receive your first bill, your confirmation can be used instead).

When and how does billing occur?

At checkout, you will pay for the setup fee and prorated first monthly charge.

Thereafter, billing will occur on the first of the month. On the first of each month, you will be billed the monthly fee for the upcoming month as well as any additional minutes and other fees from the previous month.

EXAMPLE: You're an existing 5Gstore customer and sign up to port your number on May 5. You choose the $10/mo plan with 250 minutes included.

At checkout, you pay the $9.99 setup fee and prorated May service charge (approximately $8.38).

From May 6-31, you receive inbound calls totalling 255 minutes. The first 250 are included in your plan, and the additional 5 are billed at $0.06/min.

On June 1, you will be billed $10 for the June monthly fee plus $0.30 for the extra minutes plus $0.08 for regulatory and service charges, for a total of $10.38

How do I pay my bill?

The credit card used at checkout will automatically be billed on the first of each month. You can log in any time to update or change your saved credit card.
You will receive a billing confirmation email with a summary of charges after each payment is processed.
If your card is declined for any reason, you will be notified to update your card info or provide a new card. Please monitor your email for contact from 5Gstore and address any billing issues promptly to avoid disruption of service.

Is there a contract or can I cancel any time?

You can cancel your service any time. Please note that there are no refunds for service already paid for, and upon cancelation you will be billed for any outstanding per-minute and service/regulatory fees from the current month.