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SimplyFailover FAQs (August 2019)

The below frequently asked questions will answer most questions about SimplyFailover. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

What are all the costs involved?

The equipment costs are paid for via lease - approximately $33/mo* for 36 months. There is no up front charge at checkout. Once your order is placed, our finance company will contact you to finalize the lease agreement.

*Your monthly rate may vary depending on credit, taxes, etc. Your rate may be slightly higher or lower. The finance company will discuss all charges when finalizing your order.

Data usage is paid for via credit card, and you are only billed when your primary internet connection fails and SimplyFailover switches on and more than 1GB of usage is incurred in a month. If your primary connection never goes down, there are no usage charges that month. If your primary internet connection fails and SimplyFailover switches on, the first 1GB of data usage is free each month, and all usage thereafter is billed at $15/GB (rounded up to the nearest GB). Use our data usage calculator to see how much data you may use during an outage

EXAMPLE 1: In September, your primary connection is stable and never fails. You will pay your regular lease fee to the finance company and there will be NO usage charges from 5Gstore.

EXAMPLE 2: In October, your primary connection fails twice and you use 1.8 GB of data while SimplyFailover is active. You will pay your regular lease fee to the finance company, and 5Gstore will bill your credit card for $15 (the first GB is included, and $15 will be billed for the second GB).

Is it truly plug and play? How much setup will I have to do when I receive it?

The router will come to you pre-configured to work with your network. All you'll need to do is connect your modem and existing router (if applicable). Watch this video to see how simple it is!

Is data usage included in the monthly subscription fee?

1GB is included each month. SimplyFailover maintains a backup connection to the 4G LTE network at all times, which is included in your monthly fee. If your primary connection fails, your network will switch to the SimplyFailover connection, and you will be billed for usage exceeding 1GB each month. The first 1GB of data usage is free, and usage thereafter is billed at $15/GB.

note: The SimplyFailover router may use up to 25mb of data per month during standby mode from operations like health check. This usage is included and will NOT be billed to you. You will only be billed for "customer usage" (data used by your equipment while the backup connection is active, e.g. credit card transactions, emails, web browsing, etc) that exceeds 1GB.

How and when are the monthly charges and data use fees billed?

The monthly lease payments will be billed by the finance company and can be set up using your bank of choice.

Any data usage fees will be billed by 5Gstore on the 1st of the month to the credit card you provided at checkout (you can update your credit card any time by logging in at

Is there a contract or can I cancel any time?

SimplyFailover and your lease are not cancellable. Once your subscription has commenced, the service and billing will continue for the duration of the subscription.

Is there a free trial or 30-day return period?

No, SimplyFailover and your lease are not cancellable.

If you have any trouble with your equipment or service, 5Gstore will be happy to assist and make sure things are working perfectly for you!

What happens at the end of the lease term? Do I keep the router? Will the service remain active?

At the end of the term, you will have the option to terminate the lease or to upgrade to the latest hardware (at no additional cost) and continue your lease.

Does the equipment have a warranty? What if it malfunctions or fails?

The SimplyFailover router is covered by a 3-year warranty. If you have any issues with your equipment, we will work with you to troubleshoot and replace if necessary.

Will the service work internationally?

NO. SimplyFailover is available in the US only.

Where can I read the Terms & Conditions for SimplyFailover?

Click here to read the SimplyFailover terms & conditions

I am an existing SimplyFailover customer, how can I view information about my account?

Click here to log in and view data usage, event logs, billing, and notifications.

I am an existing SimplyFailover customer, how can I update my credit card for the monthly data usage billing?

Click here to update your credit card.