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RV Solutions

5Gstore understands RVers!

5Gstore has been helping all kinds of customers with their mobile broadband needs for years. We've worked with everyone from big businesses to travelers to families in rural areas, and we understand that different users have different needs - including the RV community! Our participation on many RV forums and trips to RV conventions/shows has helped us learn all about what the RV community has to deal with on a daily basis. As a result we've helped thousands of RVers improve their existing cellular setups or make the right choices for a new mobile broadband solution.

Whether you're a part-timer or live on the road, want internet access just to check your email once a week or need to surf the web all day every day, know nothing about mobile broadband or just need to improve your existing equipment, 5Gstore can help!

We have the products you need at competitive pricing, but arguably the biggest advantage to shopping with the mobile broadband experts at 5Gstore is the unrivaled customer service and technical support we offer all our customers. The 5Gstore team is accustomed to helping RV customers each and every day and truly understands the importance of providing personalized assistance for each individual situation. If you have any trouble getting set up or simply need a little guidance, our patient and experienced technical support team will be ready to help!

So let's get started! Pick from one of the tabs above to see our suggested RV Solutions!

This solution utilizes a USB modem or hotspot from a mobile provider of your choice (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc - or even a pre-paid service) and wherever there is available cellular signal, you will have internet access. Adding the 21" Omni RV Antenna with Spring Base should help provide a better 3G or 4G signal where available. The Pepwave Surf On-The-Go router allows you to share this connection with more devices and broadcasts a wider WiFi range to pick up the signal. Plus, the Surf On-The-Go's "WiFi-as-WAN" feature also allows you to utilize campground WiFi or other WiFi sources as an internet connection or as a backup to your mobile broadband Internet.


  • The Surf On-The-Go router works with a huge variety of USB modems and hotspots.
  • The 21" outdoor antenna helps bring in a strong signal.
  • Router allows you to share the connection from ONE aircard/modem with MULTIPLE computers/devices/printers via WiFi (plus connect a computer/device that doesn't have WiFi via the ethernet port!)
  • The Surf On-The-Go's "WiFi-as-WAN" feature also allows you to utilize campground WiFi or other WiFi sources as an internet connection as a backup to mobile broadband.
  • Router provides high security via hardware firewall.
  • Router often provides faster performance & more stable connection (though when using WiFi as WAN connections, the speeds from the main connection may be slower through the router).
  • Router's WiFi range easily extends past entire length of 40ft RVs.
  • Gaming consoles, tablets, and even DVRs can connect too (anything WiFi or ethernet-capable!).
  • Moderate price of this solution makes it the most popular.


  • Antenna installation may require a hole drilled for cable to enter RV.
  • Antenna is not easily moved from vehicle to vehicle or from vehicle to home.
  • Surf On-The-Go router only has one ethernet port.

Also consider:

If you want to boost the signal to your cell phones AND your modem at the same time, we recommend the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR 50db 5-Band Repeater Kit, which amplifies voice/3G and 4G cellular signal to about 3-10ft inside the RV. ALL of your cellular devices in the RV (cell phones AND aircards) can benefit from the boosted signal without being physically connected to an antenna! The second part of our "best" solution is the Pepwave Max BR1 router, which provides stronger WiFi range and better performance with cellular connections. For comparison to USB cellular routers, check out our USB vs Embedded Routers article.


  • Signal amplification to multiple cellular modems and phones simultaneously.
  • No physical/wired connection to cellular devices is needed.
  • Panel antenna's beamwidth has great range and pushes boosted signal outside of the RV too (meaning you can take your cellphone outside the RV and still benefit from the boosted signal).
  • Max BR1 has LED lights that can indicate the cellular modem's connection.
  • Max BR1 has a powerful WiFi radio (supports 2.4Ghz WiFi only) with range about 250-300ft ove average. This will help to improve WiFi range to/from router (meaning you can be further away from the router and still connect).
  • Max BR1 has 1 WAN and 2 LAN ports.
  • Max BR1 can automatically failover between WiFi as WAN connections to cellular to wired WAN if needed.
  • The Max BR1's "WiFi-as-WAN" functionality also allows you to utilize campground WiFi or other WiFi sources as an internet connection as a backup to mobile broadband.
  • Max BR1 can be powered directly to your vehicle's battery via the DC terminal block. You just need to support 10-30V DC and use a hardwire cable to connect the unit to the battery.


  • Coverage with the repeater can be between 3-10ft - the worse the starting signal, the less coverage you'll receive. In some cases, you may need to keep the cellular device(s) right next to the inside repeater antenna.
  • Most expensive solution.

Also consider:

The AER1600 is a more expensive embedded router (also has a no embedded modem version that accepts USB), but provides additional WiFi antenna, dual band WiFi (simultaneous 2.4 & 5GHz WiFi), a USB port for a cellular modem, and load balancing features for when you're using more than 1 WAN source.

If you only need to boost the cellular signal directly to your cellular modem/ hotspot or router, you can get the more affordable direct connect style amplifier that connects directly between your antenna and cellular device.

The solutions described in these tabs are some of our most popular, but they are by no means the ONLY options available. Below is a list of more helpful resources for folks wanting to learn more about mobile broadband and other options:

More questions? Contact 5Gstore via phone, email, or livechat!