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Wilson 50ohm Interior Panel Antenna - 311135

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Item Number: 603
Model: 311135



This antenna is for use as the interior rebroadcasting antenna in a wireless repeater setup. For use as a standalone antenna for a 3G or 4G modem or router, we recommend the 304452 model, which includes suction cups so that it can be mounted in a window facing the cell tower.

This high-quality 50ohm panel antenna is designed to use in cellular repeater setups as a rebroadcasting antenna. It is compatible with all frequencies currently used by U.S. and Canadian cellular carriers (and many worldwide carriers too). The Wilson Interior Panel Antenna has a built-in ground plane for versatile mounting with any 50ohm wireless amplifier system. It is a directional repeater antenna that can be mounted on a wall to aim horizontally at a specific area or aiming down from a ceiling for a more general rebroadcast.

The Wilson 311135 antenna can be used a replacement part for existing wireless repeater systems or as an add-on for a multi-antenna system. Note that it has not been weather-proofed and therefore is for indoor use only. All mounting hardware is included for installation. Wherever you mount your indoor panel antenna, make sure it is pointed away from the outdoor antenna to prevent interference and oscillation.


  • Directional antenna
  • Built-in ground plane
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Model: 311135 (formerly 301135)
  • Frequency range: 700-800 / 824-894 / 880-960 / 1710-1880 / 1850-1990 / 2110-2500 mhz
  • Antenna gain: 5.2db / 4.4db / 4.2db / 10db / 10.6db / 8.2db
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cable: None included - cable must be selected separately
  • Dimensions: 8.27" x 7.09" x 1.73"
  • Weight: 1.32lbs
  • Connector: N Female
  • Mount: Wall bracket mount
  • Material: ABS plastic and aluminum
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Beamwidth: 70° horizontal, 50° / 45° vertical
  • VSRW: 1:5:1

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Date Added: 12/26/2011 by Vic B. (New Philadelphia, OH)
The antenna is fantastic. It raised my RSS from 10 to 15 points and has given me very reliable service. There was 1 problem, though. In the description it stated that the antenna was designed to be mounted in the window facing out. When the antenna arrived it only had a flat wall mount and no instructions about mounting it in the window. I now have it taped in the window where it needs to be. This works well, but is a little bit less than elegant. Overall, though, I am very satisfied with the antenna. It is great! the shipping and delivery from 3G Store were nothing less than superb.

Date Added: 11/09/2011 by Alexander R. (Kailua, HI)
I ONLY gave it 3 stars, because the back mounting hardware is a joke. Its soft and will bend too easily. As for Performance I will have to give it a 5 star rating. We performed a live webcast from a remote beach on the island of Maui using the Pantech from Verizon. "normal" cell phone customers are lucky to get ANY 3G signal... we were running at 3/4 4G signal. 15Mbps on the donw and 13 on the up - stunning. Watch out for kincked cables though, they will kill you!

5Gstore Comments:
We will pass on your comments to Wilson. Glad that the product is a 5 star when it comes to performance - that is usually the key.

Date Added: 11/09/2011 by Alexander R. (Kailua, HI)
The antenna's performance at boosting DBI is good. The attachment hardware is very weak. It should be made out of steel, not aluminum.

Date Added: 04/29/2011 by Laura B. (Mount Pleasant, PA)
I gave this one star because it didn't help get a better 4G signal. We're in a fringe area and I was hoping to be able to get 4G.

5Gstore Comments:
It depends how far out you are, it doesn't work in areas with zero signal, This is why we offer a 14 day return period which starts from delivery day.

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Rodney B. (Vail, AZ)
I use a Verizon Pantech UML290
I live in Az. surrounded by mountains. The closest tower is 5 miles, but can not connect from it. The next Tower is at least 20 miles. That's the one I connect to with 5 bars [-75dbm] all the time. Before the antenna I would have 1-2 bars, 3 on a good day. I am very happy. Thank you!

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Pat K. (Las Curces, NM)
Really can't comment yet as we have just returned & installed unit today. This message is being sent with it. So--it must be working. Have not had time to complete data-rate test.

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Wayne H. (Lynchburg, TN)
Works ok but would prefer 4G antenna. I live on the outskirts of reception.

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Hal P. (Eustis, FL)
I live in the country with very poor cell coverage. This Dual Band Directional Antenna was just the trick to get me from 0-1 bar to 3-full bars on my my 3G/4G service. Thank You

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Mark R. (Luverne, MN)
The antenna helped improve the signal slightly. The location appears to be on the edge of the 4G network. The router, card and antenna speed fluctuates and sessions drop frequently.

5Gstore Comments:
There are some known problems with the Pantech UML290 4G LTE card that causes frequent disconnects. There is a new firmware available that fixes these issues. You should plug your UML290 into VZAM and get the update.

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by BnB C. (Baltimore, OH)
Didnt work.. I tried it all over the house, inside and out and it wouldnt increase my signal

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If the Wilson 311135 antenna uses N Female, does that mean I need a cable with N Male connector?

Yes, that is correct. The N Female spec refers to the connector that is found on the end of the antenna, so you would need a cable with an N Male connector.