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CradlePoint MC400 Modem for AER and IBR Routers

By adding a second modem of Cradlepoint's supported models, you can give your network even more power and reliability. Using a dual MC400 modem setup increases bandwidth capabilities by enabling cellular load balancing, bandwidth burst and failover, meaning more users can enjoy faster speeds and longer uptime. Each model of this Cradlepoint integrated modem has two SIM card slots for redundancy or switching when a data cap is reached.

Cradlepoint's Category 3 mobile broadband MC400 modems are for use with Verizon, AT&T and other major North American carriers. Category 4 LTE, Category 6 LTE Advanced, Category 18 LTE Advanced Pro, and Firstnet-ready modems are available as well that work with various cellular providers. All models have active GPS for fleet management and vehicle tracking. Your enterprise network will have more diversity, flexibility and reliability when you go wireless with a dual-modem setup featuring the Cradlepoint MC400.

The MC400 is compatible with the following Cradlepoint models:

Cat 3 3G/4G/LTE Modem - Open Box

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