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Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution for IoT with IBR600C Router

With its semi-rugged construction, its built-in GPS and its LTE connectivity, Cradlepoint IBR600C series Cat4 routers provide reliable use for critical IoT, public safety support and work-from-anywhere embedded modems. With their NetCloud Engine and Extensibility Platform (IoT and SOHO), the IBR600C router series is a cloud-managed unit that features a 75 Mbps firewall throughput, WAN connectivity (4G Cat4, GbE) and LAN connectivity (Wi-Fi 4, GbE). With its COR extensibility dock, the IBR600C can provide dual-modem support and is FirstNet Ready™ (with appropriate modem, sold separately). Ideal for industrial applications, the IBR600C series has dual-SIM with Auto-Carrier Switching.

Available with Wi-Fi (IBR600C) and without Wi-Fi (IBR650C), this NetCloud Essentials package includes the router, NetCloud software, 24/7 Cradlepoint support and a limited lifetime warranty. Cradlepoint routers are industry-leading LTE connectivity solutions that help you stay connected, in communication and well-equipped to take on challenging industries.

Want more information about the Cradlepoint IBR600C series Cat 4 routers? Unsure if this NetCloud Essentials package is right for you and your business? Don’t hesitate to contact 5GStore. Our expert support team can provide you with the information and the specs you need to make an informed decision that will accommodate your specific business and industry needs. Contact us by phone or by email; we’re happy to discuss these products with you further.

The NetCloud Essentials packages include the IBR600C or IBR650C, NetCloud Software (NetCloud Manager Standard, NetCloud OS, NetCloud Perimeter), Cradlepoint support, and a limited lifetime warranty all in one solution.

IBR600C NetCloud Essentials with Cat 4 LTE

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$580.00 - $649.00

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IBR650C NetCloud Essentials with Cat 4 LTE

In Stock
$523.00 - $592.00

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