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5Gstore Remote Power Switch - 2 Outlets - Remote Automation and Remote Rebooting - App Controlled

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This is the latest version of the 2-outlet IP Switch which features a cloud-management option for remote management via web browser or app and an updated design.

Sometimes the simplest and most straightforward products make a huge difference in network continuity and reliable internet connectivity. IP power switches and remote switch outlets are a simple yet highly effective way to remotely power-cycle your devices, such as DSL modems or routers, with an app-based or cloud-based management system. This Two-Outlet Remote Power Switch features remote automation and app-controlled remote rebooting — just connect the included Ethernet cables from the 5GStore’s IP power switch to your router, then connect the power cables of the devices to be power-cycled when internet connectivity is lost. Once it is all connected, press the “UIS” button.

This 5GStore IP power switch automatically pings five different targets; when it is unable to do so, it will power-cycle any devices that are connected to its power source.

Ideal for both home and business networks, this IP power switch from 5GStore prevents connections from timing out or going dormant. This remote switch for outlets also allows you to create an automatic power schedule. Contact us if you have any questions about IP Power Switches and how these items can benefit your network continuity.

Uses for the 5Gstore IP Switch:

  • Home users who have to manually power-cycle their router to re-gain internet connectivity 
  • IT Professionals who need to automatically or remotely reset devices
  • Preventing your connection from timing out or going dormant
  • Create an automatic power schedule (ex: turn on at 9am & turn off at 5pm)

If you are a current user of the IP Switch, you can download the latest version of the user manual here: IP Switch User Manual (PDF)

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The primary feature of the unit is very simple: it monitors an internet connection and power-cycles the connected devices if the internet connection goes down. This simple feature alone can be very useful if your mobile broadband or cable/DSL connection drops, and all you need to do is reset the router to re-gain connectivity - this will automatically reset the router for you, without anyone having to visit the location and manually cycle power. While the unit's main feature is very simple and may be the only feature most customers will use, the unit also includes some more advanced features:

  • Cloud4UIS Device Management System: Allows you to monitor status, view logs, and change advanced settings & configurations via web browser
  • GTalk Messenger Support: Sends you notifications and allows you to issue commands to check the status, as well as turn on/off power or power-cycle certain ports via GTalk
  • Power Scheduling: Up to 20 schedules may be set to turn power on/off to specific ports at specified times
  • Logs: To keep track of when the unit had to reset power, etc
  • Dynamic DNS Support & Remote Admin: Allows customers to log in via the web to access controls, view logs, and remotely turn on/off power to specific ports or reset power
  • Advanced Network Configuration: Allows you to set up to obtain a static IP address and use different DNS servers and change HTTP web admin interface port
  • Save/Restore Configuration: Allows you to save and easily restore your configuration. Good for customers who are purchasing multiple units, as they can create a custom configuration file and apply it to all of their units instead of manually configuring each unit

Basic Specs:

  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.5" x 1.5"
  • 1 ethernet port (6' flat ethernet cable included)
  • 2 controllable power outlets

Tech Specs:

Socket Type 2x North American (Type B, NEMA 5-15R)
Electrical Rating Input: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 10A (2 sockets combined)
The 10A output to the outlets is independent of the network card’s usage. The network card itself uses about 5W (including the LEDs).
Fuse Type 10A Thermal Fuse
Available Outlets 2x fixed
Internet Controllable socket 2x fixed
Power ON / OFF button 2x button with Orange LED (Press & hold 2 seconds)
UIS ON / OFF button 1x button with Blue LED (Press & hold 2 seconds)
Other LED Indicator 1x Green for Internet Indicator
1x Green for Cloud Link Indicator
Reset to Factory Defaults Press & Hold Outlet 1&2, for 10seconds. Release.
Web Server CPU 32-Bit RISC CPU
Supported Browsers All
Supported Network Protocols HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, Dynamic DNS, DNS Client, SNTP, BOOTP, DHCP, FTP
LAN Port 1x RJ45, 10/100 Base-T
Firmware Upgrades/Reloads can be done via the GUI or the Utility program (available for Windows and Mac)
Operating Environment 0°C ~ 60°C at 10% ~ 90% relative humidity. Designed for indoor use only.
Certifications FCC (tested to be compliant with Part 15 Subpart B equipment regulations)

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Date Added: 06/28/2023 by Bjarne B. (JUPITER, FL)
Very easy to set up and use to remotely auto reboot equipment upon lost connection or scheduled reboots.

Date Added: 04/16/2023 by rav. (Bonstetten, ZH)
After some challanges with the configuration it works now.
Note: E-Mail notification does not work wit SMTP with SSL/TLS

Date Added: 08/26/2022 by James C. (Tulsa, OK)
After initial setup, required a full reset to access it through the web browser. Ugh.

Date Added: 06/27/2022 by FBA I. (Joliet, IL)
great value

Date Added: 04/26/2022 by DAM b. (WASHINGTON, DC)
Had purchased online from AMZ before, and now purchased 4 more units from 5Gstore direct at a great price. A must have. Works great in combination with the ezDevice app on my phone. Using it to AUTO REBOOT a router every Sun and Wed night. And do a MANUAL REBOOT whenever I want from anywhere in the world. Of course, for the manual reboot to work, your router must be online. Will use the extra units I now received to auto reboot the modem. And to manually reboot some other devices (such as some smart home hubs that occasionally freeze), from anywhere in the world.

Date Added: 03/08/2022 by PIERRE-ANDRE. (GIVISIEZ, FR)
Perfect & fast international delivery and product according our expectation !
Thank you !

Date Added: 12/31/2021 by Steven L. (Portland, OR)
Have 2 in service, and they do the job

Date Added: 12/19/2021 by J C. (Chicago, IL)
Has a very narrow function, but absolutely essential if you need it. Works perfectly, easy to use.

Date Added: 12/13/2021 by julio r. (brussels, brussels)
fast delivery service, I got it across half of the world in about 4 days...

Date Added: 11/24/2021 by Jason A. (La Mirada, CA)
I’m using this with my new Verizon Home Internet Gateway.

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Q & A
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Can I use this to turn a backup wifi router on when the IP ping is lost? I want that router to stay off until the ping is lost, so not rebooting it, but turning it on when another router and connection goes down.

You can manually switch outlet 2 to the ON state in order to power the backup WiFi router on via Cloud4UIS. However, the IP switch must have internet access for Cloud4UIS to work. At this time, there is not an automatic failure option available.

Can this be used as just an IP controlled power outlet over LAN? I don’t require the router reset feature. I’m just looking for something to remotely activate an alarm when the security system detects a problem and I confirm it.

Yes, with the IP Switch connected to the network via ethernet you can configure it to stay in whatever power state you require. Each outlet can be turned off and on manually. Just leave the UIS feature disabled.

How to configure UIS-622B on Fixed Wireless Service provider (CGNAT)?

For assistance with configuration please reach out to our support team via e-mail or phone at or (833)547-8673 respectively.

Is there a mobile app available for on Android and iOS?

Yes, you can download ezDevice for Android or iOS devices.

Should the internet light be blinking green or solid green on the UIS-622B?

The UIS-622B Internet light will be solid green when all websites it is checking its connection against are responding to pings. If it is blinking green, this means at least one of these websites has stopped replying to pings. This will happen when the Internet fails and therefore, the automatic outlet reset is triggered.

Can I plug the 5Gstore Remote Power Switch into a surge protector?

Yes, Surge protection can be used with the IP switch.

Regarding the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch, can I have the outlets "pulse" where each outlet turns on for a short period of time and then goes back off?

Pulse setup could be completed as a scheduled daily time settings on the Switch. This would not work as an automatic/ UIS reset.

Is there any way to have the 5Gstore Remote Power switch check a specific port on a device, rather than an IP address?

The Remote Power IP Switch is only able to ping to IP address, not Ports.

Would the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switches be suitable to remotely control power to a 20a power supply unit that powers a 2way base ham radio?

No, the max on each Switch model is 10 amps (5a per outlet on the dual outlet model).

Does the app, EZDevice, allow multiple user accounts?

The ezDevice app allows users to share devices across accounts.

On the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch, what happens if I accidentally use the web interface to Power OFF the modem that the device is connected to by ethernet?

You would lose access to the remote device if this was the case. By changing the mode to reset only, you can avoid this issue so you can only issue reset commands, not separate off/on commands.

How do I change my email address on ezDevice app?

Each Cloud4UIS account is linked and can only be created thru a verified email account. It cannot be changed.

Can I upgrade firmware on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch while connected to a modem or router?

You can upgrade while deployed, however this will cause the connected devices to power cycle while the upgrade completes. Ideally doing your upgrade during off hour times is the best option.

Why might a user adjust the ping interval on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch?

Users would normally adjust the ping interval if they have a connection that is slow to respond OR they are using a metered data plan from a cellular provider, for example, and want to avoid additional usage fees.

Is there a way to send a remote command, such as HTTP, to directly issue an outlet command on the UIS-622B or UIS-522B?

Yes, refer to our support document called, "Control Outlet and Get Status via HTTP (522B/ 622B)."

Can I view multiple 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switches from one webpage?

Yes, you can do this by using the manufacturer's cloud service - There is also a mobile app called ezDevice, which is available for iOS and Android.

What is the operating temperature range of the UIS-622B and UIS-522B/ 523?

0 degrees C to 60 degrees C (32*F ~ 140*F) at 10% ~ 90% relative humidity.

Can I set the 5Gstore Remote Power IP switch outlet to reset on a specific day and time?

Yes, the 5Gtore Remote Power IP switches support a schedule feature.

How do I add my UIS/ 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch devices to the Cloud4UIS portal?

5Gstore has a support document available on our support portal called "How to Access IP Switch from Cloud Service" that you can reference for instructions.

If I setup a schedule on the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch (UIS-622B/ 522) to cycle the outlets off then on, is there a minimum off time that can be set?

You can schedule outlets to turn on and off or reset, which means they will be turned off and then back on. The time it waits after turning the outlet off before it's turned back on is configured on the Configuration page. Refer to the "Power On Delay for Outlets 1 & 2" as this is what will be followed when you set a schedule for Reset. Times can be configured between 1 and 600 seconds.

What default timeout settings are recommended for a typical home setup on the UIS Remote Power IP Switch?

The default configuration values are perfect for a typical home setup. Having an aggressive value will help with keeping the internet offline for the shortest time frame.

Is it possible to change the name of the 5Gstore Remote Power IP switch after setup?

Yes, the hostname of the device can be changed.

What is the input voltage of the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch?

Input: 125~250V~50/60Hz

How does the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch work when modem/ router is connected to a UPS/ Battery Backup?

The Remote Power IP switch is meant to perform an automatic reboot of your router/modem (or other device) when an internet connection is lost. Of course when units are on battery backup, they are unable to power reset as needed. So, when you have a UPS in place, you need to setup in this order: UPS -> IP Switch power supply -> Modem / Router plugged into the 2 outlets - this will allow the switch to cut power properly while still maintaining battery backup for the Switch itself.

If my Internet goes down for an extended period (e.g. 3-4 days), would the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch keep trying to reboot the modem and router in an endless loop or is there a default timeout?

The IP switch will reset once the Internet becomes active again after an extended internet outage. How many times it resets will depend upon how you configure the setting that controls how many resets it will perform when Internet outage is detected.

What is the max time delay that I can set between starting each outlet on the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch?

The dual outlet IP switch supports a max 10 minute delay between outlet 1 and outlet 2 during reset.

If my 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch stops working due to lightning strike, is there a fuse to be replaced?

Yes, the Switch has a replaceable fuse. Refer to our support document called "Remote Power Switch - Changing the Fuse" for instructions on how to do this.

Can you configure a static address on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch?

Yes, you can configure a static address.

Does the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch offer surge protection like a power strip?

No it does not. It does come with a removable fuse and a backup though. In the event the 5A (dual outlet) or 10A (single outlet) power it supports is exceeded, it will blow the fuse. We would still recommend having a surge protector in place to protect your device(s) from any damage.

Can the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch be controlled by TCP or UDP commands?

No. The 2 outlet Remote Power IP Switch however does allow for control via HTTP or XML.

Can I schedule an outlet on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch to turn off on a specific date?

Yes, this is possible. Refer to the user manual under Configuration -> Schedule for instructions OR contact our support team for assistance.

How can I access the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch remotely?

The dual outlet switch supports DDNS settings, OR you can use the manufacturer's cloud service, Cloud4UIS, for remote access to any models.

How should I setup the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch when I have a separate modem and router?

The 1 Outlet Remote Power Switch would not be able to set a delay between 2 devices as it only has 1 outlet. Our 2 Outlet Remote Power Switch would be appropriate in this case. The delay you can set between outlet 1 (where you would attach your modem) and outlet 2 (where you would attach your router) is 1 to 600 seconds.

Can I reset outlets based on different addresses with the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP switch?

Yes! The outlet ping targets are configurable and you can set targets to reboot just one outlet, or both, depending on your preference.

Can I control the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch directly from my computer without using a router?

Yes, but you will need to configure a static IP address on the switch in order to access it from the computer. You can either do this by connecting the IP Switch to a router first OR if you have a Windows computer, you would connect it directly to that and use the Utility program to assign it an IP address. Our support team can assist you with this if needed.

Is there an API available to switch the outlet on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch On/ Off?

No API is available, but there is a way to do this via HTTP commands. Contact our support for more details (

I have a second home out of state with security cams. For some reason the LAN on it locks up and needs to be rebooted. Not sure if it's caused by the router or the security system. Should I get the 5Gstore dual or single outlet remote power IP switch?

If just rebooting the router resolves this issue for you, the single outlet model should be all you need. If you need to reboot both the modem and router, and even the security system, go with the Dual Outlet model. Both models can be accessed via iOS/Android app called ezDevice.

Can the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch handle 1 PC in each outlet?

This depends on how many amps the PC draws. The dual outlet switch can handle 5A per outlet.

Can I connect a power strip to the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch so that multiple devices can ALL be power-cycled and/or remotely shut down as a group?

The single and dual outlet IP Switches can have power strips attached as long as you do not exceed the 10amp output (5A per outlet on the dual model).

Where do I go to download new firmware for the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch (UIS-622B, UIS-522B, UIS-523)

See here:

What does "Error in communication with STUN server" mean on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch?

The STUN server is used so the switch can report back its external/WAN IP address. Using the Google Hangouts feature you can request the external IP so you can remotely log into the unit, without STUN, that isn't possible. Its common to get STUN errors, multiple times a day, and they are not related to any connection issue that would cause a UIS reboot.

Can I disable the auto reset feature on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch and use it ONLY for remote power control?

Yes, you have the option to turn the auto-reset function on or off..

How does the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power Switch react to a full house power outage and restore?

If the IP Switch has a full power outage, when power is restored it will restore the same way it was turned off. Outlets that were off or on, will come back that way when power is restored to the switch. The switch will then go into its behavior as its set, to either start pinging for auto reset, or to delay for the amount of time you set. With the latest firmware there is also a setting you can enable to force a reset to the outlets upon initial power up. This way, in case the equipment is still not responsive, it immediately power cycles the outlets.

Can I use the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch to remotely power on my PC?

You can use this to cut and provide power to the PC's power supply. However, if your PC requires you to press a power button to turn it on, this won't help there. You'll need to check your PC BIOS settings to see if it can automatically turn on when it has power.

How does the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch behave during an extended outage? Will I have to force it to power cycle again at some point if it gives up?

In the current firmware with default configuration, the switch will attempt 1 reset, per the duration set within the device. After this reset, it will wait for the connection to return since the power cycling clearly is not working. Once the connection is back, the switch resume normal operation. If necessary, the resets can be configured up to 30 times.

Does the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch support REST API or JSON control?

No support for REST API or JSON, but there is a way to use XML commands to automate the control outlets

Can the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch be set to automatically power cycle every hour?

Yes, you can use the schedule feature to configure this.

What is the warranty on the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch?

There is a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty that covers defects and failures not related to misuse/abuse. You will need to contact 5Gstore support (833-547-8673 x3 or for a replacement. Shipping fees are not included.

Does the 5Gstore Remote Power IP Switch support TELNET and SSH protocol?

No they do not.

How does the ezoutlet/ 5Gstore single outlet remote power IP Switch differ from the dual outlet/ UIS model?

They do the same general function, however major differences on the single outlet include: the inability to manually configure more than 1 website or IP address to ping, less options for configuration, no Google Hangouts or Skype, no email notifications, and no dynamic DNS support. In order to access either switch, they both use a mobile app called ezDevice as well as the website,

Is the 5Gstore Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch (UIS-622B/522B/523) UL listed?

No. It is FCC and CE certified and has been tested to be compliant with FCC 47 CFR Part 2 and Part 15 Class B equipment regulations.

IP Switch Manual: UIS-522B & UIS-622B Download installation guide/manual

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