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Digi EX15 Router with Cat 11 LTE Modem


Digi® EX15 LTE cellular extenders offer gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity for retailers and other organizations that cannot tolerate network downtime and the negative impact on revenue streams and brand reputation.

A suite of Digi upgradeable CORE plug-in LTE modems lets users select the cellular speeds that best fit their business requirements, including LTE-advanced (Cat 6) for data-intensive applications.

Couple Digi EX15 with a dedicated wireline connection to ensure dual ISP connectivity, maximum uptime and complete business continuity for devices that must be “always up,” such as mobile kiosks, digital signs and POS systems.

You can use Digi EX15 for primary LTE connectivity as well, while the serial port can be used to provide out-of-band (OOB) management for remote off-premise equipment.


EX15 with WiFi

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EX15 without WiFi

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