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Wilson Sleek 4G-V: Free Shipping, Accessories Available + More!



The Sleek 4G-V has arrived!  Like the super-popular original Sleek (one of our top-selling and highest-rated products for the past two years), the Sleek 4G-V allows you to boost the signal to virtually any phone or hotspot, but unlike the original model, it also works for Verizon's 4G LTE network! Got an AT&T LTE device? Sign up to be notified when the 4G-A version that works with AT&T LTE is available!


Plus, we have accessories available for all versions of the Sleek: charging cables, a variety of mounting options, and more - all in stock now at 3Gstore.


FREE SHIPPING OFFER: get FREE FedEx Ground shipping on the Sleek 4G-V! Use coupon code sleek4gship at checkout (contiguous 48 states only; new orders only. must use coupon code at checkout. offer expires 9/30/12)

All Things Sleek:

Free shipping details: Use coupon code sleek4gship at checkout (contiguous 48 states only. valid only for new Sleek 4G-V orders. must use coupon code at checkout. offer expires 9/30/12)

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How It Works:

VEHICLE USERS: The Sleek comes with everything you need to use it in a vehicle. The included 4" tall magnetic mount antenna attaches to the roof of the car to draw the signal in. The antenna's 12' long cable connects to the Sleek cradle amplifier, which is powered via the included cigarette lighter DC power supply. The amplifier boosts the signal and transmits it to your phone or hotspot, which sits in the cradle (the arms on the cradle are adjustable to accommodate just about any phone or hotspot, even if you use a protective case around your phone or have an extended battery installed.)


HOME/OFFICE USERS: While the Sleek is great for vehicle use, you can also use it inside your home or office! To use it indoors, you will want the Home/Office Accessory Kit, which includes an AC power supply, a window mount for the mag mount antenna, and a desktop mount for the Sleek cradle.


The Sleek comes with a 4" tall mag mount antenna, but some users opt to replace that with another antenna, either because they want something more powerful, or they want something that doesn't require a magnetic base (remember, magnetic mount antennas MUST be connected to something magnetic or they will not work!). We carry a wide variety of antennas that can be used with the Sleek in place of the included mag mount antenna: 3G/4G Antennas (just select the Sleek from the "which adapter do you need?" drop-down menu on any of the antennas and the appropriate connector will be included!).


Customer Raves:

The original Sleek has received 60+ reviews and has earned an average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5. The new Sleek 4G-V has only been available for a few weeks and has already amassed 13 rave reviews, too! Check out these customer raves (note: only customers who bought their Sleek from 5Gstore can write a review on our site, so these are all verified purchases):


"Incredible! I tested with 2 different items. The MiFi 4510L from Verizon and my iPhone 4S. The MiFi went from 2 bars to full bars and locked in a 4G LTE signal. Before it was bouncing in to 3G all the time. My iPhone went from 2 bars to 5 bars. There is one area that I always drop a call, went there to test and it got a few more bars and no longer dropped. I also purchased the usb charging cables, so I can keep my MiFi or iPhone charged when in the Sleek cradle."


"The Sleek is surprisingly more than I expected in performance with my Verizon aircard. Coupled with a Wilson Trucker antenna I went from poor or no service to 5 bars consistently. "


"The Wilson Sleek 4G-V, combined with the Wilson indoor panel antenna, have my Verizon 4620L Mifi hotspot running at 4G all the time with 4 out of 5 bars lit up, whereas before it was 3G and an occasional blip to 4G with one bar on the modem. My RSSI value at 4G went from -119 to -92."


"Very impressed with signal booster. In a recognised black spot with no service I placed the iPhone in the booster and instantly got 3 bars, I then raised the antenna as high as cable would allow and then got 4bars. Phone calls: loud and clear. A great product."


"Once I got everything connected I am happy to tell you that this product really, really works. I went from 1 bar to 4 and the 3G is now picking up consistently. Before it would come and go."


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