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Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 Router with Cat 4 LTE Modem

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Item Number: 10072
Model: 1104335
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Cellular antennas are NOT included - two antennas are required for the embedded modem.
Select Cellular Antennas (required) - details
This device only includes the hardwire DC power supply. If you need an AC or vehicle power supply, you can add one here.
Add a Power Adapter (optional) - details
The MP, RV, and GX series routers include Airlink Complete for 1 year. Airlink Complete includes:
  • Airlink Support, including direct access to dedicated Sierra Wireless technical support
  • AirLink Management Service (ALMS)
  • 3 year hardware warranty
Airlink Complete can be extended for up to 5 years at the time of purchase, or it can be renewed annually in the future if desired.
Extend Airlink Complete (optional) - details

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Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 - Cat 4 LTE
Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 Router with Cat 4 LTE Modem
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5Gstore 2-Outlet IP Switch for Remote Automation - App Controlled
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Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 - Cat 4 LTE
Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 Router with Cat 4 LTE Modem
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AC Power Supply for Sierra ES/GX/LS/MP/RV/RX and CloudGate
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Only the hardwire power harness is included!

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a rugged LTE router into industrial IoT scenarios, first responder vehicles or within public safety fleets, reliability and connectivity should both be on the top of your must-have list. The Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 Router with Cat 4 LTE Modem is a great choice. This high-performance RV55 router is compact, rugged unit that draws low power. It features simplified device connections, easy-access equipment and real-time remote connectivity for SCADA, distribution and metering. It also comes with the interfaces along with the security you would expect from Sierra Wireless — there’s a reason why the top 100 police departments depend on Sierra Wireless LTE routers!

This AirLink RV55 router features one embedded Cat 4 LTE modem and features on GbE LAN and one RS-232 serial (supports dual serial connections with an optional Y cable). Enjoy Sierra Wireless security features, including secure boot, secure firmware update, IPsec, GRE and OpenVPN client with up to five concurrent tunnels. It is constructed with IP64-rated and MIL-STD 810G aluminum die-cast housing and is certified for use in hazardous environments. For more information or to purchase the Sierra Wireless RV55, contact 5GStore. Our competitive prices and our top-rated support make us your go-to choice for LTE routers.

Router Features:

  • Internet Connections Supported: 1 Embedded Cat 4 LTE IMPORTANT: you will need a 2mm Hex L-wrench (not included) to access the SIM slot on the router!
  • Networks Supported for Embedded Modem: LTE: 1900(B2), AWS(B4), 850(B5), 700(B12), 700(B13), 700(B17), 1700(B66); HSPA/HSPA+: 1900(B2), AWS(B4), 850(B5)
  • WiFi Standard: N/A
  • WiFi Range: N/A
  • Ports: 1 GbE LAN, 1 RS-232 serial (supports dual serial connections with optional Y cable)
  • Power supply: Hardwire DC power supply; AC power supply and cigarette lighter power supply are available separately
  • Size: 4.69" x 1.34" x 3.35"


  • Centrally managed, secure LTE broadband connectivity for both remote fixed or vehicle applications in harsh environments
  • Ultra-Low Power consumption, ideal for solar or battery powered installations.
  • Connect your field workers and devices with flexible dual Wi-Fi, and ethernet
  • Reduces complexity in connecting legacy equipment with dual-serial, ethernet, and multi-protocol support
  • Powerful remote cloud-based or on-premises management solutions
  • Proven reliability and over 3 million AirLink routers and gateways deployed
  • Peace of mind - included 3-year warranty, direct 24/7 support, and device management access


  • Cellular WAN
    • LTE Category: Cat 4
    • Peak Download: Up to 150 Mbps
    • Peak Upload: Up to 50 Mbps
    • Supported Frequency Bands
      • LTE: Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 4 – AWS (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 12 (700 MHz), Band 13 (700 MHz), Band 14 (700 MHz), Band 66 – AWS 3 (1700/2100 MHz), Band 71 (600 MHz)
      • 3G: Band 2, Band 4, Band 5
    • Approvals:
      • Regulatory: FCC, IC, PTCRB
      • Carrier: T-Mobile, AT&T
  • Host Interfaces
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45)
    • RS-232 Serial Port on DB-9 Connector
    • USB 2.0 Micro-B Connector
    • 3 SMA antenna connectors (Primary, Secondary/Diversity, GPS)
    • Active GPS antenna support
  • Input/Output
    • Configurable I/O pin on power connector
      • Digital Input ON Voltage: 2.7 to 36 VDC
      • Configurable Pull-up for dry contact input
      • Digital Open Collector Output > sinking 500 mA
      • Analog Input: 0.5-36 VDC
  • LAN (Ethernet/USB)
    • DNS, DNS Proxy
    • DHCP Server
    • IP Passthrough
    • VLAN
    • Host Interface Watchdog
    • PPPoE
  • Serial
    • TCP/UDP PAD Mode
    • Modbus (ASCII, RTU, Variable)
    • PPP
    • DNP3 Interoperability
    • Dual Serial option (with optional Y cable)
  • Network and Routing
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Port Forwarding
    • Host Port Routing
    • VRRP
    • Reliable Static Route
    • Dynamic DNS
    • Verizon PNTM
    • IPV6 Gateway
  • Satellite Navigation (GNSS)
    • 30 Channel GPS and GLONASS Receiver
    • Acquisition Time: 1s Hot Start
    • Accuracy:
    • Tracking Sensitivity: -160dBm
    • Reports: NMEA 0183 V3.0, TAIP, RAP, XORA
    • Multiple Redundant Servers
    • Reliable Store and Forward
  • Security
    • Remote Authentication (LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+)
    • DMZ
    • Inbound and Outbound Port filtering
    • Inbound and Outbound Trusted IP
    • MAC Address Filtering
    • PCI compatible
    • Secure Firmware Update
  • Network Management
    • Secure mobile network & asset management application available in the cloud or licensed platform in the enterprise data center
    • Fleet wide firmware upgrade delivery
    • Router configuration and template management
    • Router staging over the air and local Ethernet connection
    • Over-the-air software and radio module firmware updates
    • Device Configuration Templates
    • Configurable monitoring and alerting
    • Remote provisioning and airtime activation (where applicable)
  • Router Management
    • ALMS
    • Local web user interface
    • AT Command Line Interface (Telnet/SSH/Serial)
    • SMS Commands
    • SNMP
  • Events Engine
    • Custom event triggers and reports
    • Configurable interface, no programming
    • Event Types: Digital Input, Network Parameters, Data Usage, Timer, Power, Device Temperature and Voltage
    • Report Types: RAP, SMS, Email, SNMP Trap, TCP (Binary, XML, CSV)
    • Event Actions: Drive Relay Output
  • VPN
    • IPsec, GRE, and OpenVPN Client
    • Up to 5 concurrent tunnels
    • Split Tunnel
    • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
    • FIPS 140-2 compatible
  • Application Framework
    • ALEOS Application Framework (AAF)
    • LUA Scripting Language
  • Power
    • Input Voltage: 7 to 36 VDC
    • LTE Idle Power: 900 mW (75 mA @ 12 VDC)
    • Standby Mode Power: 53 mW (4.4 mA @ 12 VDC) triggeredon low voltage, I/O or periodic timer
    • Low voltage disconnect to prevent battery drain
    • Built-in protection against voltage transients including 5 VDC engine cranking and +200 VDC load dump
    • Ignition Sense with time delay shutdown
    • Configurable features and ports to optimize power consumption
  • Dimensions
    • 119 mm x 33 mm x 85 mm (102 mm including wi-fi connectors)
    • 4.69 in x 1.34 in x 3.35 in (3.70 in including connectors)
    • 320g / 0.7lb
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C / -40°F to +158°F
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
    • Humidity: 90% RH @ 60°C
    • Military Spec MIL-STD-810G conformance to shock, vibration, thermal shock, and humidity
    • IP64 rated ingress protection
  • Industry Certifications
    • Safety: IECEE Certification Bodies Scheme (CB Scheme) UL 60950
    • Vehicle Usage: E-Mark (UN ECE Regulation 10.04), ISO7637-2, SAE J1455 (Shock & Vibration)
    • Hazardous Environments: Class 1 Div 2
    • Environmental: RoHS, REACH, WEEE
  • Support and Warranty
    • Includes 1st Year AirLink Complete:
      • AirLink Management Service (ALMS)
      • Direct 24/7 Technical Support
      • 3-year standard warranty; optional 2-year warranty extension
  • Minimum Requirements 
    • SIM card with active LTE mobile broadband plan from a compatible provider
    • Cellular antennas
    • 2mm Hex L-wrench (required to access the SIM card slot)

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