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Wilson Drive OTR Antenna with 16 Foot Cable and Mast up to 3.3 Feet

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Item Number: 10453
Model: 311229



This antenna is the direct replacement for the previous models 304415, 304414 and 311101

Stop letting travel be an excuse for slow internet and data connections. The Wilson Trucker Spring Mount Antenna mounts to your truck or RV to pull in a stronger 3G/4G/LTE data signal when you’re on the road. This updated version of the classic Wilson Trucker Antenna has an SMB connector for use with Wilson's Drive amplifiers. It has five-band network support for stronger data speeds and coverage with most major North American providers.

The 7.5-inch Spring Mount Antenna can be installed using the included three-way mount with standard bolts and is typically attached to the side mirror or rear ladder. Masts are included to raise the antenna up to 38" if desired. With a gain of 2.4 to 4.3dB, a built-in ground plane and a rugged design for outdoor use, this antenna is both powerful and reliable. This antenna is made in the U.S. and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The cable attached to this antenna is terminated in SMA/Female and an SMB adapter for use with Wilson's Drive amplifiers is included, as well as an SMA/Male barrel adapter for use with routers.


  • Compatibility: 700-2600mhz networks, which are used by most LTE providers in the USA and Canada. Confirm which frequency your provider is using and make sure this antenna supports it before purchasing! Contact us if you need any assistance.
  • Height: 7.5" tall; 13" and 18" masts included 
  • Cable: 16' of RG-58 cable hardwired to the antenna.
  • Ground Plane: Built in.
  • Weatherproof? Yes, this antenna is designed for exterior use.
  • Mounting Requirements: A 3-way mount is included.
  • Portability: This antenna is designed to be mounted to an RV or truck, usually to the ladder on the back or side mirror. The included mount does attach with standard bolts, so it is not necessarily a "permanent" installation, but it is not compact or easily transported.


No. of Cellular Connectors 1
No. of WiFi Connectors 0
No. of GPS Connectors 0
Cellular Connector SMA Male
Antenna Type Outdoor
Antenna Style Omni
Antenna Mount Vehicle
Antenna Color Black
Width (in) 2.7
Height (in) 7.5
Weight (lb) 3.75
Maximum Gain 4.3
Impedance Ω (Input/Output) 50
Cable Length (in) 192
Cable Type RG58
Minimum Temperature (F) -40
Maximum Temperature (F) 131
Material Aluminum, Alumin Plastic Type: ASA

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