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5G Captive Modem Accessory, Outdoor, W1855-5GC (3.4Gbps modem), North America

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Item Number: 13900
Model: 170900-016



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5G Captive Modem Accessory, Outdoor, W1855-5GC

Captive Modem is the ability to connect a Cradlepoint 5G or 4G LTE adapter to a Cradlepoint router and manage them from NetCloud Manager as a single entity. Additionally, it allows for the modem in the adapter to appear as embedded in the connected router, enabling the administrator to complete all modem configuration and diagnostics through the router's configuration in NetCloud Manager. Captive Modem shares all the same Wireless WAN functionality as embedded modems, such as Smart WAN Selection, WAN Verify, failover/failback, and Connection Set load balancing.

Capability Components

  • Controller – The supported model of Cradlepoint router to which the adapter is connected.
  • Captive Modem – The mode the Cradlepoint adapter operates in when connected to and managed by a controller. When in this mode, the Cradlepoint adapter is no longer managed as a standalone device in NetCloud Manager. Instead, it is managed as a modem WAN interface in the Connection Manager of the connected controller.
  • Requirements
  • Supported NCOS Releases
  • 4G LTE Adapters and Routers
  • NCOS 7.1.20 and later
  • 5G Adapters and Routers
  • NCOS 7.2.20 and later

Supported Controllers Routers

  • E3000
  • E300
  • R1900
  • R920
  • IBR1700
  • CR4250
  • AER2200

Supported Captive Modems

  • 4G LTE Adapters
  • CBA850
  • CBA550
  • L950

5G Adapters

  • W1850
  • W1855
  • W2000
  • W2005
  • W4005
  • R2100

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