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5-Year NetCloud Small Branch Essentials Plan with E100 Router (WiFi, 300Mbps modem, North America)

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Item Number: 13984
Model: BK05-0100C7C-GN



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Cradlepoint E100 LTE Router with NetCloud Branch, 5G or Cat 7 Speed, Wi-Fi

The E100 Series Enterprise Router provides small footprint locations with the same networking, optimization, security, and ease of management that supports larger locations. The all-in-one endpoint includes full-featured routing, switching, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect and maintain connectivity to the Internet for supporting crucial business applications. Additional capabilities for Zero Trust security and SD-WAN are available through NetCloud Exchange to provide confidence in connecting and securing peripheral devices such as IoT and point of sale (PoS).  The embedded 5G or LTE modem means that reliable, connectivity is always available from day one without waiting for a wired connection. 

Ideal for Small Branch Wireless WAN

For organizations requiring a Wireless WAN in small offices, the E100 offers the ability to pair 5G or LTE with a wired link and use a cellular link as a failover connection, hybrid WAN or a primary connection. The E100 combines this reliable routing with integrated switching and Wi-Fi to securely connect local devices for an all-in-one network. Combined with the scalable NetCloud, which makes managing cellular networks intuitive and insightful.

5G, SD-WAN, and Security Integration 

The E100 router adds a 5G modem with the latest 5G standards to offer agile and reliable connections on an essential WAN infrastructureCellular intelligence and NCX SD-WAN make it easy to deploy 5G-enabled networks while optimizing both cellular and wired traffic to enhance application performance. Security postures can be reinforced, and attack surfaces minimized with zero trust privileged access, protected IP addresses, detailed security policies and consolidated authentication usage. 

Additionally, the E100 router can serve as the user equipment router for private cellular networks that provide reliable local area network connectivity where wireless LAN fails to meet the network needs due to large areas or excessive congestion. 


  • Provide all-in-one routing, switching, and Wi-Fi for small offices
  • Define policies through centralized, cloud-based management for easy deployment at scale
  • Integrate into existing networks with standards-based dynamic routing, traffic-shaping, and NCX SD-WAN
  • Establish encrypted tunnels with NCX Secure Connect and WAN Edge Security VPN tunnel support
  • Implement zero-touch deployment with preconfigured router and pre-inserted SIM to speed installation
  • Use optional battery for uninterrupted power


  • One of the following:
    • Power Supply, 12 VDC, 2X2 1.5 meters (North America) 170716-001
    • Power Supply, 12 VDC, 2x2 1.5 meters (International) 170717-000
  • Cellular Antenna, Charcoal, 600 MHz - 6 GHz, SMA, 180 mm (Qty 2 or 4) 170801-000
  • Small Accessories Kit
    • SIM/battery door screws (Qty 2)
    • Rubber feet (Qty 4)


No. of Cellular Connectors 2
No. of WiFi Connectors 0
No. of GPS Connectors 1
Cellular Connector SMA Female
GPS Connector SMA Female
No. of LAN Ports 4
No. of WAN Ports 1
No. of Fiber (SFP) Ports 0
No. of Serial Ports 0
No. of Embedded Modems 1
Ports Configurable as LAN/WAN Yes
WAN Throughput Speed 850 mbps
SIM Card Size 2FF
Length (in) 5.3
Width (in) 10.6
Height (in) 1.9
Weight (lb) 1.8
Minimum Temperature (F) 32
Maximum Temperature (F) 104
Material Industrial Plastic
Antennas Included Yes
Modem Expansion Slot No
Modem Replaceable No
FIPS Certified No
WiFi Support WiFi 5
Cloud Management Included Yes
Power Input Power Supply, 12 VDC, 2X2 1.5 meters
Bluetooth No
Bonding Support No
IP Passthrough Yes

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