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MobileMark MLTM Mag Mount Antenna for MiMo Cellular & GPS - Black

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Item Number: 6466
Model: MLTM302-3C3C2C-BLK-180



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Mobile Mark’s LTM301/LTM302 Series antenna contains three separate antennas, all in one compact antenna housing: two identical LTE 700 MHz & Cellular antennas (SMA/Male connectors) and one GPS antenna (SMA/Male connector). It is typically used with routers/gateways that have embedded cellular modules and active GPS and is NOT recommended for use with traditional aircards (USB modems, hotspots, etc).

This 3-element LTM antenna is designed for fleet management systems that combine GPS with a 2-element LTE MIMO modem. LTE MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modems offer greater speed and capacity than earlier generations of modems. They achieve this by sending RF signals on multiple antenna elements to maximize the amount of information transmitted and received, but in order to ensure optimum performance the systems need multiple antennas on both the transmission and receive ends.

This antenna requires a minimum 8x8" metal ground plane. If your vehicle's roof is fiberglass or another material, copper or aluminum tape in an X shape can be substituted as a ground plane.


  • Low profile
  • Magnetic mount
  • 3-cables, multi-band antenna for LTE MIMO and GPS
  • Field proven design; dependable link
  • Mechanically sound, meets Industrial & Military specs

*This antenna has three cables - two to connect to your device's cellular connectors and one to connect to a GPS connector. It can be used JUST for celllular use if you like the style of this antenna but have no use for GPS (or vice versa) - you can simply leave the unused cable bundled up out of the way.


No. of Cellular Connectors 2
No. of WiFi Connectors 0
No. of GPS Connectors 1
Cellular Connector SMA Male
GPS Connector SMA Male
Antenna Type Outdoor
Antenna Style Omni
Antenna Mount Magnetic
Antenna Color Black
Width (in) 5.5
Height (in) 2.38
Weight (lb) 1.75
Maximum Gain 4
Impedance Ω (Input/Output) 50
Cable Length (in) 180
Cable Type RF195
Minimum Temperature (F) -40
Maximum Temperature (F) 176
Material ASA UV-Stable Plastic
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Radio) 2:1

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Date Added: 12/06/2022 by Robert G. (ATKINSON, NE)
The antenna helps maintain a steady signal in areas that would be dead zones.

Date Added: 08/31/2020 by Greg S. (Box Elder, SD)
An update from my 2017 review, and an upgrade to 5 stars. This antenna has covered a solid 95% + of our cellular data feed since we installed it. The other 5% of the time, we use a cellular amp with different antenna. A solid performer, and product has held up well. Like it so much, I'm about to purchase a new unit from Mobile Mark for another application. And when you consider the quilt of the build, and the technology and design has proven to work well - I retract my 2017 comment on price. Thanks MobileMark, and 5G STORE.

Date Added: 11/14/2018 by Steven R. (Big Lake, MN)
I have 2 MobileMark Mag Mount antennas, and they work great.

Date Added: 04/23/2017 by Greg S. (Box Elder, SD)
The MLTM301 seems to be a solid built unit that feels beefy and with good materials and workmanship of assembly. Wire harness an fittings are likewise of good quality material. The unit has had limited usage so far, but I did take our RV to a place we know well that has marginal ATT coverage. We had over double, say 120% more, download speeds improvement with our Unite Explore 815 connected tot he MobileMark. Please with that first test showing the abilities of the MIMO MobilMarks ability to pull in a more useable data signal. On build quality and our limited usage so far, 5 stars. I feel the price is a bit high for such a unit, and so overall rated it 4 stars above. (Note: GPS wire is coiled, and have no immediate plans to use that feature. But this sure could be a factor for someone else that wants GPS signal.)

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