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N/Male to FME/Female Connector - 951110-ADAPT

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Model: 951110-ADAPT



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This adapter has an N/Male connector on one side and an FME/Female connector on the other and allows you to connect an N/Female connector to an FME/Male connector.

It is typically used to connect an antenna with an N/Female connector to a cable with an FME/Male connector.

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Date Added: 08/10/2011 by Russ D. (Watertown, NY)
While I do not have the equipment or expertise to measure loss or SWR introduced by this adapter vs. others, I can attest that this fits the Pantech UML290 and Novatel U760 antenna cables also available from 5GStore allowing the respective modems to connect to the N connectors of most external antennas.

In a recent customer installation in a remote cabin, I went from an unreliable 1-2 bars (I cannot remember the RSSI, I think around -95dB) to a reliable 5 bars (-60dB +?) on a permanent installation of a CradlePoint MBR900 and Verizon USB760 by simply connecting to a properly-aimed Wilson 301129 10dB yagi with this adapter. (Move the antenna; wait a minute or two for dB to stabilize; move it another 30 deg, repeating all the way around; now move to strongest vector and repeat with finer adjustments. Consult for AT&T tower locations if you are using GSM/HSPDA.)

Finally, a last word of advice: Keep your antenna leads to an absolute minimum, preferably with no extensions and minimal adapters between the modem and the antenna. Use a USB extension or USB over CAT5 adapters, if necessary. If you have to use a coax extension, use RG-8/LMR-400 or equivalent, despite its bulk, as even LMR-195 has significant loss over short lengths, particularly in the 1.9GHz band.

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