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White RG6 Low Loss Cable with F Male Connectors (2'-50')

Wilson Electronics has rugged RG6 cables to ensure the best connections possible for all of your 75ohm signal applications. These 75ohm RG6 cables feature F/male connectors on BOTH sides and come in several different lengths that allow you to tailor these white coax cables to your needs. Shop two-, 20-, 30- or 50-foot RG6 dual F/male connector cables here at 5Gstore, where we have the best prices for your connectivity needs.

These cables are ONLY appropriate for use with 75ohm equipment. These cables WILL NOT WORK with 50ohm antennas and amplifiers - instead use the Ultra Low Loss cables.

These RG6 cables should not be daisy chained. To prevent excessive signal loss, it is better to use one longer piece of cable rather than attaching two shorter cables together. Unsure about which connectivity products you need? 5Gstore is here to help. Contact our friendly support team by phone, email or through our website. We will help you determine which cable you will need for your specific purpose.

2' RG6 (F Male)

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20' RG6 (F Male)

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30' RG6 (F Male)

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50' RG6 (F Male)

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