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Black RG58 Cable with N/Male & SMA/Male Connectors (2'-20')

These RG-58 cables have an N/Male connector on one side and an SMA/Male connector on the other side.

At 5Gstore, we have the cables and accessories you need to make those essential connections to optimize sound and to ensure the best signals possible. These Wilson Electronics black low-loss RG58 cables have an N/male connector on one side and an SMA/male connector on the other side and are available in several sizes for your specific needs, including two-, 10- and 20-foot black coaxial cables.

These cables are typically used to connect an antenna with an N/female connector to a router or amplifier with an SMA/female connector. To ensure the best signal and to prevent excessive signal loss, these RG58 cables with N/male and SMA/male connectors should not be daisy chained with other cables. Choose the length that will not necessitate multiple cables for the best performance.

Have questions about which cables you need? Unsure about the connectors needed for your specific purpose? 5Gstore is here to help. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team to help you determine which low-loss RG58 coax cable is right for your needs. We’re available by phone, email or contact us through our website.

2' RG58 (N Male & SMA Male)

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10' RG58 (N Male & SMA Male)

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20' RG58 (N Male & SMA Male)

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