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Black 1FT 360 degree Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord/Wire

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Maximm 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord/Wire

If you are looking for a space-saving solution, flat extension cords offer a sound option. Rotating extension cords are unique for their sleek and adaptable design. They are versatile because the rotating plug provides angular flexibility to a full 360 degrees.
When you use a rotating flat wire extension cord, the prongs rotate in the plug so you can aim the cord in any direction you wish without blocking other outlets. With this extension cord, flat-plug design adds space-saving versatility for powering your equipment.

Clutter Control
Solve power problems with ease with its Flat Plug Rotating Extension Cord. This cord has a space-saving design to eliminate bulky or awkward cords. It hugs the wall and extends only a half an inch from the wall.
Because it bends to a 90-degree angle, it won't poke into adjacent objects. You can place your desk, couch, bookshelf and other furniture right up against the wall, freeing up space. This will give you added flexibility in your office or home layout. This cord is particularly valuable for smaller areas where space is at a premium.

Multiple Uses
The three-outlet extension cord makes it easy and convenient to power anything from office equipment to lamps and lights. It provides you with up to three additional outlets for power distribution, letting you add another appliance or device right there without pulling out an extra cord and getting the same extension. That means no more tangled wires to hassle with. The outlets are arranged with two plugs spaced conveniently on one side, with the other plug on the opposite side.
Quality Construction

The extension cord is UL listed and adheres to industry standards for safety and quality assurance for added peace of mind.

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Date Added: 04/19/2020 by Richard N. (Dublin, OH)
Worked as expected.

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