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If you are looking for fast, reliable and secure connectivity at your home or small business, consider the SOHO routers for offices and homes available at 5GStore. These broadband SOHO routers are the ideal solution for users who need a fast wireless network on a smaller scale.

Our routers for small offices and homes have all the best features for networks with only a few users. With a SOHO router, you won’t be stuck paying for 4G enterprise router features you don’t want or need. Most of these routers are designed for up to 60 users, and some are made for even smaller networks. However, they all offer excellent performance, so a SOHO network can do everything you need for modern work or entertainment.



The Best Small Office Routers

We carry 4G SOHO routers from Pepwave, Cradlepoint and other leading manufacturers for all levels of networking capabilities. We have routers suitable for all types of customers, from people setting up their first network to those with decades of wireless experience. Most routers are designed for indoor offices and buildings, but we also have SOHO IoT routers made to be part of a small fleet network or remote management system.

Some of these SOHO routers have embedded LTE modems while others accept USB modems and hotspots. We also have multi-WAN routers that can utilize different cellular providers at the same time. Our SOHO gigabit router and 10 gigabit router products have a Cat4 or Cat6 LTE modem that accept an assortment of SIM cards. In each case, you can set your mobile broadband carrier as either a primary connection or a secondary backup to the wired connection(s).

These routers have a variety of features to improve performance and reliability. Our load-balancing routers allow users to utilize multiple 3G/4G and/or wired WAN connections for better connection and automatic failover protection. With a SOHO Wi-Fi router, you can set up a home or small office wireless network to connect enabled devices. Some even have Wi-Fi as WAN to use a local public or private network as a data provider. Other useful services can include unbreakable VPN security, GPS tracking, bandwidth monitoring and remote cloud management.

Industry-Leading Small Office & Home Networking Products
A SOHO router from 5GStore gives small businesses and homeowners the tools they need to keep up with a fast-paced world. Most of these routers can be dropped right into an existing network or be used as the foundation of a new network. Each 4G home/office router comes with a year of technical support no matter what your experience level. Our service and support come from people who have been experts in mobile broadband for as long as it has existed, which means you can buy with confidence. You’ll also receive fast shipping and a fair price on the premium router you choose.

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