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Do you want to connect to the internet from an external WiFi network, but are frustrated by low output ranges and security concerns? WiFi as WAN turns these small, humdrum networks and hotspots into full-fledged private wireless networks. A WiFi as WAN router can receive a public WiFi or hotspot internet connection as a source, then turn around and create its own secure network from this source. In doing so, they form a wide area network (WAN) with a wider range and higher user limit than the original.

WiFi as WAN routers and bridges offer several advantages for traveling internet users. They allow a large number of people to connect to a single hotspot — even if the source has restrictions on total users. A wireless WAN router can also be used to create a backup internet connection from a nearby WiFi network if your primary connection goes down. In both instances, the router adds a layer of privacy to these small networks, which are typically unsecured “connect at your own risk” sources.

5GStore carries a number of routers with Wi-Fi as WAN capabilities for your network. As a certified partner with Pepwave, Peplink, Cradlepoint, and others, we offer the latest features to allow better connectivity for multiple devices. Models such as the Pepwave Surf SOHO offer WiFi ranges of up to several hundred feet through walls — and more when unobstructed — while also having enterprise options like VPN and load balancing. If you need an even stronger network, the Pepwave Device Connector can create a wireless WAN network or extend the range from your current router.

Our WiFi experts will help you find the best WiFi as WAN router for personal or business needs. At 5GStore, we offer a free year of technical support for any WiFi as WAN router purchase to make sure you get your network up and running smoothly and quickly.

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