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Indoor/Outdoor MiMo Wall Mount Cradlepoint Certified Antenna by Panorama

The Panorama MiMo ultra-wideband antenna is a rugged product that will help mobile broadband users stay connected to their network. Each unit contains two 3G/4G/LTE antennas with separate cables that directly connect to routers and gateways with an embedded cellular modem. The antennas are in a weatherproof housing that can be wall-mounted indoors or outdoors on a building to pull in a moderate signal boost. The omnidirectional MiMo antennas can be mounted without aiming for easier installation, while the directional model will draw a stronger signal but must be aimed directly at the nearest cell tower.

This Cradlepoint Certified antenna by Panorama is ideal for Cradlepoint routers and other LTE routers and gateways. If you live or work farther away from a cell tower or are surrounded by tall trees and other obstacles, a Panorama Indoor/Outdoor MiMo Antenna can make your mobile broadband service more dependable.