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5Gstore carries dozens of 4G routers from leading manufacturers for when you need a strong mobile broadband connection for multiple users. Mobile broadband routers are very valuable when cable modems, DSL and other wired broadband connections are unavailable, or when you want to augment those connections with cellular backup. If work or life takes you on the road, or if your traditional broadband is having problems or is unavailable at your location, a USB or cellular embedded router will keep your network running. Whether you need an AT&T 4G router, a router for a Verizon USB modem and other devices programmed for leading North American data providers, a router with modems that work on multiple carriers, or anything in between, 5Gstore has a variety of options.

Our 4G routers have a number of available features to get the most out of your business or personal network. Many have a built-in 4G modem with Wi-Fi capabilities to connect multiple devices. Others are designed for an external USB 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi as WAN and automatic failover. Get a rugged M2M 4G router for use in ATMs and kiosks, or an enterprise router to provide wireless mobile broadband in branch offices and remote offices. We offer a year of free technical support with all of our routers so you can download files or video conference with the best reliability.

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